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How Do I Fix The Greyed-Out Game Mode On My Samsung Smart TV?

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How Do I Fix The Greyed-Out Game Mode On My Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung televisions are popular but far from perfect. Many users have issues such as the Samsung TV’s game mode being greyed out. How can you fix this troublesome problem, and what causes the issue?

If you’re dealing with these frustrating issues, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to adjust your Samsung TV Game Mode settings and to fix the issue of settings being grayed out. Be sure to keep reading at the end for a quick FAQ section!

Why Are Some Settings Greyed Out On my Samsung TV?

The reason for a setting turning grey is simple. In almost every situation, a grey setting means that a setting is not available.

Typically, the reason for this is source, settings, or connections. For example, your television may not support Game Mode on a specific system. They may also support only certain resolutions. The issue is specific to your setup. You should search to see if anyone has precisely your television model and gaming system to see how they fixed the problem. Thankfully, there are a few broader fixes you can use. Read on to learn how to fix this issue in most situations.

How do I Fix the Greyed Out Menu On my Samsung Smart TV?

A quick way to fix this issue is with a quick reset. Hold down the Back or Return button until your television reverts to its previous screen. You can then turn the television off by holding down the power button.

Hold the button for 30-60 seconds. Doing so will force your television into a power cycle. A power cycle fully drains your system of electricity and can solve most software issues.

Once enough time passes, plug your television back in. Start your television up as it was before and try to activate Game Mode. If the issue was a software glitch, this fix should solve your problem.

How to Turn on Game Mode on Samsung Smart tv

How to Turn On Game Mode On Samsung Smart TV?

To turn on Game Mode, navigate to your Menu. You can complete this task with a remote by pressing the Home button. If not, use the buttons on the side of your television.

Navigate to Settings, then All Settings. Afterward, select Game Mode Settings. In this menu, you can turn Game Mode on or off. Once it’s on, you can alter the settings to your liking.

1. Turn Off Game Mode On Samsung Smart TV

If you’re trying to turn your Samsung TV’s Game Mode on or off, the process is the same. Navigate to Game Mode Settings as said above. Once here, you can deactivate the feature if you want. If you have a Samsung TV stuck in Game Mode, this is a great fix.

2. Game Mode on Samsung TV Greyed Out

What if you’ve performed a hard reset but still have the Game Mode option greyed out? You may also have your Game Mode turned off and on your Samsung TV.

Often, this is the result of a lack of compatibility between your devices. If you’re using Samsung Game Motion Plus with your PS5, this is sometimes the problem. Using too many features at once can cause some to fail to activate.

You may also find that your Samsung TV’s Game Mode is greyed out after an update. Your update may have removed some compatibilities you were used to. If changing your settings around doesn’t fix the problem, contact customer support.

3. Should I Turn Game Mode On or Off Samsung TV?

Ultimately, Game Mode is a personal preference. Using the feature will make your Samsung TV change to better complement video gaming rather than television or cinema.

Many of these features are great, but not everyone will want them. Motion blur, color differences, volume settings, and more are located within Game Mode.

Consider changing the settings around to your preference. Game Mode is not mandatory to play video games, so change things to your liking!

Should I turn Game Mode on or off Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV Will Not Switch to Game Mode

If you find Game Mode greyed out on your Samsung TV, your television won’t switch to Game Mode. However, you may also find that the function seems operational but isn’t working.

There is likely a software glitch stopping you from changing settings. Perform a hard reset or a factory restart.

A factory restart will change your settings back to their original default. Make sure you keep a note of any settings you have changed. By doing so, you’ll make it easier to set your preferences again.

Samsung TV Stuck in Game Mode

If your Samsung TV is stuck in Game Mode, it may negatively impact your viewing experience. The quickest fix is a factory reset, as stated above.

A factory reset will force your settings to their original default. Since Game Mode isn’t an original default setting, a factory reset will forcefully remove the feature. If a factory reset doesn’t work, you may have a severe software glitch. Consider contacting Samsung’s customer service.

Samsung tv stuck in game mode

Samsung TV Game Mode On or Off PS5

Game Mode is compatible with the PlayStation 5. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will prefer using it. Some users state that the Game Mode feature causes screen flickers or tearing. At times, the television may flicker black and turn Game Mode off and on. If you have these issues, disable Game Mode.

Auto Game Mode Stopped Working

The Auto Game mode may fail to function from a software glitch. As mentioned above, a factory reset or hard restart is fantastic for fixing these glitches.

You can also disable the feature if it’s negatively impacting your gaming experience. Consider using the default settings with your Samsung TV and altering them to your preferences.

Auto Game Mode stopped working

Color Settings Are Greyed Out When Source is a PC

If your Samsung TV’s Game mode is greyed out for PC input, your PC may not be compatible. If you’re connecting multiple outputs to your PC (dual monitor and television, for example), your PC may not support so many devices. In the latter’s case, Game Mode may not function.

Game Motion Plus Not Working

If you find Game Motion Plus not working, you may want to reset your Samsung TV with your remote. You can also reset your Samsung TV remote itself if the issue is that it isn’t selecting the feature.

Samsung TV Game Mode Greyed Out After Update

A frequent cause of this issue is that your device is connected to the wrong HDMI port. Examine the ports and ensure that your device is connected. If you’re using the incorrect port, many features may fail to function.

Samsung tv game mode greyed out after update

Game Mode HDR+ Greyed Out Samsung TV

This issue is often a problem with using the wrong HDMI port. If you aren’t using an HDMI port, your alternative video input method your television may not support. Consider contacting Samsung to see if your device supports Game Mode HDR+.


Though frustrating, troubleshooting a Samsung TV’s greyed-out Game Mode is simple. Consider a factory reset in the case of a severe software glitch. If you cannot fix the issue yourself, consider contacting customer support. To learn more about your home technology, ensure you browse our informative site. If you have any remaining questions, keep reading for a brief FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some settings greyed out on my Samsung TV?

You may ask, “How do I fix the greyed-out menu on my Samsung smart TV?” Most often, you can fix the problem with a power cycle. If this fails, you may have issues with your settings. You may also have an issue with your Samsung account for TV.

How do I get to the secret menu on my Samsung smart TV?

The “secret menu” is easier to access than you may think. Press and hold the task management button. This button is to the left of your home button. On most models, holding this button for roughly one full second will make the menu appear.

Do all Samsungs have a Game Mode?

No, not all models support Game mode. However, most of the newer models support Game Mode. The setting is meant to complement users that purchase a television for gaming.

How do I activate Game Mode?

You can activate Game Mode by navigating to your Settings menu and selecting All Settings. Afterward, select Game Mode Settings and choose to enable Game Mode.

How do I get my TV off of Disabled Mode?

“Disabled Mode” is not a setting for a Samsung TV. You may be dealing with Demo Mode, which causes your television to revert all changes every 30 minutes. This setting is for demonstrating the television in a retail store. If you find your Samsung 4K TV’s Game Mode greyed out, this can cause the problem.

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