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How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]

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How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]

How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]

Programming a Samsung remote can be straightforward, especially if you follow the proper steps. With just a few button presses, you can access all your entertainment options without having to switch remotes every time.

Keep reading the Samsung TV remote guide to learn how to program a Samsung remote.

Method of Programming Samsung Remote

Although the Samsung Smart Remote is programmed to pair automatically with a new Samsung TV, you can still link it manually if necessary. To program a Samsung remote, you will need to press and hold down the TV button on the remote until all four mode buttons at the top of the remote flash.

Then, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the “Setup” or “Settings” menu on your TV, and press the “Enter” or “OK” button. Next, click on the “Remote Control” or “Remote Setup” option from the menu. Adhere to the on-screen commands to pair the remote with your TV.

Lastly, press any button to verify whether the remote is functioning correctly.

How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]
How To Program a Samsung Remote

Steps for Programming the Samsung TV Remote

Here are the steps to follow when programming your remote using Samsung TV manufacturer codes.

Step 1: Connect the Remote to the Device

Before you can program the remote, you must connect it to the device you wish to control. Press the “Home” button on your remote for three seconds. The light on the remote will flash once. Then, use the arrow buttons on the remote to select the device you wish to program.

Step 2: Enter the Code

Once you select the device, you’ll need to enter the four-digit code. To enter this code, use the arrow keys to highlight each digit on the keypad, then press OK.

If you don’t know the code, refer to the user manual with your Samsung device or search online for the correct Samsung TV remote code.

Step 3: Test the Remote

After entering the code, you can test the remote by pressing any of the buttons. You have successfully programmed your Samsung remote if everything is working correctly.

Codes for Universal Remote of Samsung TV

Samsung universal remote codes are a series of brand-specific numbers or letters. You may use the codes to pair the universal remote with a particular device, such as a Samsung TV.

Correct Samsung universal remote setup ensures the remote can communicate with the device it’s being paired with.

Without the correct code, the universal remote may not be able to control the device correctly or at all. If you cannot find the code for your Samsung TV, try using the “Code Search” method to have the proper Samsung remote setup.

The technique involves pressing and releasing the “Power” and “Channel Up” buttons on the remote until the TV turns on.

Samsung Universal Remote Code List

The most common Samsung remote code is 0101. If it doesn’t work, you can try other universal codes, including:

  • 0644
  • 0482
  • 0216
How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]
Samsung Remote Control

Method of Using Codes

The easiest method of using universal codes is entering the code that quickly identifies the device you want to connect to.

Samsung Universal Remote Setup Codes

You can use universal remote codes on multiple Samsung TVs models. While there are numerous remote setup codes, the most commonly used are 0112 and 0105.

So, how do I find my Samsung TV remote code? You can easily find your remote code by clicking the “About this TV” button.

Method of Using Codes and Instructions for Setting Up

Locate the model number of your Samsung TV. Typically, you’ll find it on the back of the TV or in the settings menu. Use the model number to find the correct code for your TV. You can find a list of codes for Samsung TVs on the Samsung website or in the user manual.

Next, turn on your TV and the device you want to control with the remote. Press the “TV” button on the Samsung remote and enter the code for your TV using the number buttons.

After releasing the “TV” button, the LED light on the remote should blink a few times to indicate that the code is working.

Test the remote by pressing the power button. How to connect Samsung remote to TV should be easy if you use the correct codes.

Best Ways To Program Samsung TV Remote

Here are some of the best ways on how to program a universal remote to a Samsung TV.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

To get started, you need to power down the device you intend to use. After that, you can use the remote to control a different device by pressing the “Mode” button, like a DVD player or cable box. If your Samsung remote doesn’t have a specific button, you’ll need to look for the device icon and press it.

How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]

Remote Control Setup

Configure your remote control by clicking the set button. You might notice a tiny hole labeled set if your device doesn’t have a dedicated set button. To enable the set button on the remote, you will need to straighten a paper clip or another thin wire of comparable diameter and then fit it into the hole.

Use of Device Activation Code for Samsung TV

You will need to type in the three-digit security code for your device. After inputting the code, you must turn the device on by pressing the remote control’s power button. You can expect the gadget to function correctly. If not, try finding alternate codes.

Programming of Samsung Remote to Soundbar

Programming a Samsung remote to control a soundbar typically involves using the remote to enter a soundbar’s brand-specific code.

Samsung remote programming codes permit the remote to communicate with the soundbar, allowing you to use the remote to control the soundbar’s volume and other features.

Steps for Programming to Sound Bar

Follow these steps to program your Samsung remote to the soundbar.

Step 1: Turn On Your TV and Sound Bar

Locate the source button on the remote, usually at the top or bottom.

Step 2:  Press and Hold the Source Button

You need to hold the source button for about three seconds until the LED on the remote flashes twice.

Step 3: Press the Remote’s Mute Button

After pressing the remote mute button, enter the brand name of your soundbar followed by the model number usually listed on the back of the soundbar.

Configure Samsung TV Sound Bar Codes

To program your Samsung remote codes for your soundbar, start by determining the code that corresponds with your Samsung soundbar model.

Next, turn on your television and soundbar. Then, press and hold the mute and select buttons together for 3 seconds until the green LED on the remote begins to blink twice.

Enter the code for your soundbar model. If successful, the green LED will blink twice again. If the code was not accepted, try repeating the process with a different code until you find one that works.

How To Program a Samsung Remote [Complete Guide 2022]

Steps To Program the Remote Without Using Codes

To program a Samsung TV remote without using codes, follow these steps.

Step 1: Turn On the TV

Set up your TV to the correct input for the remote.

Step 2: Press the “TV” Button

Press the “Power” button on the remote, then release the “TV” button. The TV should turn off.

Step 3: Press and Release the “Mute” Button

Pressing the mute button lets you see if the remote is now programmed to control the TV.

Samsung TV Programming by Using Another Universal Remote Codes

Start by turning on the TV and ensuring it’s connected to the power source. Find the codes for your Samsung TV by checking the user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Then, locate the “Code Search” or “Program” button on your universal remote control. Next, press and hold until the light on the universal remote control turns on.

Enter the first code for your Samsung TV using the number buttons on the universal remote control. Test the code by pointing the universal remote control at the Samsung TV and pressing the “Power” button.

Instructions for Programming the Samsung TV

Start by powering your Samsung TV on. Next, connect the TV to your Wi-Fi. Remember to tick the terms and conditions button before you sign in to your Samsung account.

Ensure to back up your data because you might need to reset your TV. Enter the ZIP code and confirm if all your devices are connected.

List of Samsung Television Universal Remote Codes

You must find the appropriate code for your TV model to use a universal remote with your Samsung TV. The codes are typically four or five digits long. The most common Samsung TV codes include 1004 and 1009.

Pairing of Samsung Smart TV Touch Remote

To pair your Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps.

Steps for Pairing With Touch Remote

Here are steps on how to pair Samsung remote to TV.

Step 1: Ensure To Power on the TV

Press and hold the “TV Power” and “Home” buttons on the touch remote simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.

Step 2: Release the Buttons

On the touch remote, enter the PIN code that appears on the TV screen using the number buttons.

Step 3: Press the “Enter” Button

Finish the pairing process by pressing the enter button.


Learning how to program a Samsung remote is a great way to make your life easier. You can get your remote up and running quickly with the proper steps. Once you program your device codes, you can control your devices using only one remote.

You’ll also use your remote to launch streaming apps and adjust settings. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on how to program a Samsung remote.

If you’re having trouble programming your Samsung remote or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to help and happy to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Samsung TV users desire to know how to program a new Samsung remote. Here are the most common questions people ask on how to program a Samsung universal remote.

Can I use a Samsung remote for an LG Television?

Yes, you can use a Samsung remote for an LG TV in most cases. However, some buttons may not work or control different features than what you’re used to.

Can we make a television remote work on another television?

No, remotes work with specific television models and use a particular frequency to communicate with the television.

How do I get my remote to work on my TV?

To get your remote to work with your TV, you’ll need to ensure your remote is compatible with your TV. You must learn how to sync Samsung remote to TV and use Samsung remote programming codes correctly.

How can I program a dish remote control on a Samsung TV?

Navigate to the “System” or “Setup” menu and select it. Go to the “Remote Control” or “Universal Remote Setup” option and tap it. Then, follow on-screen instructions.

Is it possible to operate a TV without using the remote control?

Yes, it’s possible to operate a TV without a remote control. Most TVs have buttons or the attached satellite box that allow you to power on/off and change channels.

How do I turn on a Samsung television without a remote on a mobile phone?

You can use the power button on the TV itself or a universal remote.

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