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Samsung TV blue color problems. (Try THIS Fix First)

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samsung tv color problems blue

Samsung TV blue color problems. (Try THIS Fix First)

A blue screen color can be frustrating and annoying due to poor picture quality and straining of the eyes. Different reasons can cause a Samsung TV to have a blue screen color. The most common cause can be the device has yet to be set in the proper mode. This article will give you solutions for fixing the blue color problem on your screen when you are home.

Why Does My TV Look Blue?

A potential cause for Samsung TV blue screen color problems can be the contrast and brightness aren’t set correctly. If you have been experiencing this problem, it is essential first to check if your device is in the proper mode. When you place your TV in a specific mode, it changes how the colors on your device’s screen will appear. 

The primary purpose of changing the color mode is to ensure that the colors on your TV’s screen don’t suffer from distortion because of a wrong setting. If this does not solve your problem, you need to update the firmware of your device, as it can be incompatible with current software or hardware. 

Samsung TV Blue Color Problems. (Try THIS Fix First)

Here are the steps to follow to fix Samsung TV blue color problems:

Unplug Samsung TV from wall

1. Unplug Samsung TV From the Wall

That is the most common way to fix your screen’s blue color problem. In addition, you can unplug your Samsung TV from the wall by removing the tv plug-in cord from the outlet and waiting a few seconds for the electricity to stop flowing. 

Finally, disconnect the power cable by unscrewing it from its holding device. Hold the power button for thirty seconds, allowing the TV to drain any residual power and self-reset.

2. Check All HDMI Connections

If unplugging your TV does not do the trick, the next step is to check all the HDMI connections. A bad HDMI connection can cause your screen to be blue. So first, check all HDMI connections to ensure they are intact and none is out. If an HDMI cable is out, plug it into the corresponding port.

Method 1- Enable Input Source Using a Remote Control

Most of the Samsung models have a Menu button on the remote control, which opens a list of input sources.

Go to the Input sources menu and:

1) Press the Menu button 

2) Select Settings

3) Select System Settings

4) Select General Gadget Settings

5) Select the Input Source

Method 2- Change Input Source Without Remote Control

If you have lost your remote control, then use the Front Panel Controls buttons as follows:

1) Press – the POWER button; 

2) Press the Input button;

3) Press the input source button and select the choice you desire.

Change Input Source without Remote Control

3. Reset Samsung Picture Settings

Resetting the Samsung TV picture settings can be very helpful when you are experiencing a blue tint on your Samsung TV.

Press the Home button on your remote; 

1) Go to Settings

2) Picture 

3) Expert Setting 

4) Picture Reset.

4. Turn Off Energy Saving Mode

Check whether Energy Saving Mode is on if your TV still has a blue tint. Energy Saving Mode adjusts the brightness of your TV to reduce the amount of power it consumes, which can cause the blue tint you see on the screen. 

To check whether the energy-saving mode is on, press the Settings button on your remote. Then, go to ‘General’ and see if there is an option for ‘Energy Saving.’

If it is on, find the box to uncheck it, and you should see a difference in your TV’s color.

5. Update Samsung TV OS

If you cannot solve your problem with the above steps, the next step is upgrading your Samsung TV software, as its corruption can cause a blue screen. To upgrade your software: 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2.  General 
  3.  About This TV 
  4.  Software Upgrade
  5.  Update Now

If this does not work, you must use a USB flash drive(EFS folder) or a Disc (AVD folder).

Update Samsung TV OS

6. Factory Reset Samsung TV

Restoring your Samsung TV to default settings can eliminate the blue screen. You can do so by,

  1. Open Settings, and click on General.
  2.  Select Reset, enter your PIN or the default PIN, 0000, and select Reset.

      3) Select OK, and your TV will restart automatically.

7. Factory Reset Samsung TV Without Remote

You can factory reset your Samsung TV without a remote by navigating to settings using the power button at the back of the TV and resetting it.

You can also plug in a USB keyboard for navigation or download the Samsung SmartThings app on your smartphone and use your phone as the remote.

8. Replacing Samsung LED Backlight Strips

If none of the above steps work and your TV still has a blue tint, it is time to replace the LED light strips.

Samsung TV light bars or LED strips are small and thin lights that produce light on the panel of your Samsung TV. Deterioration of LED strips can cause a blue tint. These LED lights are not meant for change, much like an incandescent bulb, and require professional assistance if you decide to change these on your own. 

Replacing Samsung LED backlight strips

9. Samsung TV Support

Samsung TV has a TV support service by which one can contact the same for any information regarding your TV. You can also ask for any kind of help concerning your TV.

Samsung’s support service is available through its website.

10. Samsung TV Warranty

Your Samsung TV has a warranty of 1 year on parts and labor. Make sure to go over the Samsung warranty policy to get more details. Unfortunately, the blue screen problem can appear later when the warranty is of use no more.

There Is no Picture on My Samsung TV, and the Entire Screen Is Blue

The problem with the TV displaying a blue screen with no picture typically arises with older systems. They have a design connecting the TV to a set-top box or a VCR( Video Cassette Recorder) via a coaxial wire. To get a signal, you must set your TV to Channel 3 or 4. 

Ensure that the device and TV are set to the proper channels if you’re using a device that needs Channel 3 or 4 to receive a signal. A blue light will appear on your VCR if it is on but not tuned to a station or playing a tape. 

Turn off the VCR or set it to a station where it can receive a signal to fix this. For example, you should adjust the VCR to Channel 3 or 4 to receive the signal if a cable or satellite set-top box connects to it through a coaxial wire.

White People’s Complexion Turns Light Blue

Either your TV has lower power than the color signal you require or is absent. It can be the green or red color that is absent, as blue is still there. White is among the three colors in TVs, which are blue, red, and green, being all on at 100% power. 

All the colors in a TV have three colors in various power percentages relative to each other simultaneously. For example, 25% red, 60% green, and 70% blue will produce a different color to 50% red, 35% green, and 65% blue.

The corruption of software can affect the color display. Using the solutions provided above, you can fix this problem.

If you see a blue tint on your TV, do not panic, you are not alone. Various reasons can cause a blue Color problem on your Samsung TV. However, most are fixable by adjusting your TV settings and trying a few things like factory resetting and checking the HDMI connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes the blue tint on my Samsung TV?

Sometimes the light emitted by your Samsung TV is blue, even though you’ve set it to display colors correctly. Some causes are:
1) Your phone can use the same USB port that powers your TV, causing interference in the intensity and color of the image on the screen. 2) Installing a filter over or under the screen; these filters can cause interference to light emitted from screens and televisions.

Why does my TV color look blue?

If you’re experiencing strange blue hues in the color of your television or a blue tint on your screen, check the settings for your TV and make sure that you put it in the correct display mode.

How do I turn off the blue filter on my Samsung TV?

-Go to Settings.
-Click on Display.
-Select the Blue light filter option and click on the switch to activate it.
-Adjust the filter’s opacity by dragging on the bar.

Can a blue TV screen be fixed?

A couple of factors can cause blue tinting in your Samsung TV, ranging from the actual condition of the pixels to the connection of your television to another device. To fix this problem, you can try the above solutions, and if it does not help, we recommend you contact Samsung customer support.

How do I make my TV less blue?

-Go to settings and try changing the display mode
-Try unplugging your TV from the wall.
-Ensure all HDMI connections are intact.
-Try factory resetting your TV.

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