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Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

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Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

Has your Samsung television ever packed up on you without prior notice? The uneasiness that comes with that experience is worth avoiding, especially if you have a program you’ll like to watch as it is airing because you don’t want spoilers or your other activities to get in the way. 

You should continue to read this article, as it will explain in detail how you will handle the Samsung tv power supply problems you might have now or in the future. 

Samsung TV Bad Power Supply Symptoms 

An inadequate power supply can be damaging. It is best practice to ensure that your cables are correctly fixed to the primary power source, and it’s also essential to be knowledgeable about symptoms that your Samsung tv might give as a result of an inadequate power supply. 

Knowing these symptoms helps you solve the problem using the right solutions and reduces your panic. 

Here are some of the symptoms:

Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix
Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

Tv Not Turning On

Have you ever tried to turn on your TV, and it surprisingly let you down? Then your Samsung tv has been thrown off balance by either an insufficient electric current or a faulty/loose cable connection. When Samsung tv power on-off problems occur, it is usually a pointer to a faulty electric connection in your home and has nothing to do with the television composition. 

You should perform a soft reset on your Samsung tv by simply unplugging the cable from its outlet. Leave it for 30 seconds, and then plug again. If the power outlet is in good condition, your Samsung tv should work. 

You can try other power outlets in your home, and you’ll see the stand-by light come as soon as it gets into a functioning power outlet. Leave for another 30 seconds before pressing the power button.

Standby Light Off

The standby light simply signals that your Samsung tv is ready to begin its duties once you give the order by pressing the power button. But what happens if this standby light, usually in red, is absent?

If this occurs, you should know that an error in your home electric connection is responsible for the absence of your Samsung television standby light. Also, you should note that your Samsung smart tv standby light will occasionally be off when a malfunction occurs in your HDMI link.

Check that your TV connects correctly to the power outlets. Turn it off for a minute or less before plugging it in again. If the standby light is still off, you should try another power outlet. 

Flickering TV Screen

Your Samsung TV might flicker if your cables are burnt, not correctly fixed to the power outlet, or damaged. 

Sometimes, the flickering or freezing might be from the streaming platform, the internet, or the broadcasting network and has nothing to do with your power supply or connection. Other times, your Samsung tv flickering occurs because of your room’s lightning or external electrical interference. 

Next time your Samsung TV flickers, you should check that there are no loose connections and that your power outlet is working. 

Lines On the Samsung TV Screen

One of Samsung smart TV power supply problems is when you see lines appearing on your TV screen. Lines appearing on your Samsung TV screen might mean you have a low electric current, and you need to turn off your Samsung TV to protect it from further damage. 

You should check your cable and HDMI connection if the lines sway and try to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI connection and cable to fix this error. Also, you should check your connection and verify that the power source is not malfunctioning.

Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

Blank TV Screen

Once your Samsung TV goes blank, try a soft reset to help get it back on and running. The problem is probably a Samsung tv power supply issue; turning it off and disconnecting from all power sources and cables should do the trick. Leave your Samsung TV unplugged for a minute or two before you plug it back into its electric source. 

You can also perform a hard reset on your Samsung TV by removing the cable from its power cord and pressing the power button on your remote for 30 seconds. 

If a Samsung TV power supply problem persists after the previous fixes keep reading.

Common Samsung TV Power Supply Problems and their Solutions

This section will discuss more power supply problems with Samsung TVs and their solutions. 

Samsung TV Faulty Electrolyte Capacitors

Electrolyte capacitors are on your TV board and are essential components of your Samsung TV. A working capacitor is dented inwards and has a flat shape. Any anomaly in this shape indicates that your electrolyte capacitor is damaged, leaking, or bulging, which you’ll not detect because it lives in your Samsung TV board. 

But damaged electrolyte capacitors give external signals, and they are listed below:

  • Your power sound comes on, but no picture appears on your screen.
  • Your Samsung TV screen starts to flicker.
  • Your Samsung TV takes a longer time to power on.
  • You’ll see a pink dot on your Samsung TV screen.
  • You’ll begin to experience unnecessary power on issues.
  • The picture on your Samsung TV screen disappears after a few seconds. 

Replace the Leaking or Bulging Capacitors

Replacing the leaking or bulging capacitors requires excellent care, especially if you want to avoid damaging your Samsung TV screen. Before you begin, you need to unplug all your cables and disconnect all power sources from your Samsung TV. Failure to do this might lead to electrocution. 

The other steps to replacing your leaking or bulging capacitors are:

  • Place your Samsung TV screen on a flat, secured surface before removing the screws.
  • Carefully remove all Samsung TV screws from the rear panel.
  • Keep all screws in a safe place.
  • Lift the rear cover from your Samsung TV and keep it in a safe place.
  • Look out for the power supply board. 
  • Gently remove all connectors from your power supply board.
  • Remove all screws from the power supply board. 
  • Carefully carry the main structure from the skeleton of the power board. 
  • Pay attention to the cables, and be sure not to touch or snag any of the components on the power board.
  • Inspect all the capacitors succinctly and determine which electrolyte is leaking or bulging.
  • Replace all leaking and bulging capacitors.
  • Be mindful of the copper pads and tracks on the circuit of the power supply board.
  • Install the new capacitors and follow the installation instructions on the power supply board.
Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems and How to Fix

Damaged Samsung TV Power Supply Cord

There are visible red flags your Samsung TV would exhibit if your power supply cord needs to be repaired or replaced. Some of these signs also happen when your connection cable is bent or twisted, and they include:

  • No sound or sound cut off from your Samsung TV.
  • Interruptions from either your Bluetooth or WIFI connections.
  • Vertical lines on your screen.
  • Green-tinted images.
  • No picture
  • No power
  • Your television might come on/off at intervals without any prompt. 

If you experience any of the above issues, you must determine whether the power supply cord is damaged or needs repairs.

Replace Damaged Power Supply Cord

If your Samsung TV power supply cord is spoilt, you must replace it to get your Samsung tv up and running. It’s best to contact a professional to help you with the exact prescription of the power supply cord you should get. 

You should also take your Samsung TV to the nearest Samsung shop instead of fixing this yourself to avoid further damage to the television or a possible electric shock. You can also purchase the replacement cord online or in an electronic store. 

You can also DIY by following samples on the internet, and you’ll be sure to get it right, especially if you are a professional in TV repairs.

If your Samsung TV  is still under warranty, you will get a replacement at no extra cost.

Repair Damaged Power Supply Cord

Depending on the power supply cord damage, you can fix it if it is minimal. Suppose the damage on the cord is a peel that exposes the wire. Covering the exposed part of the cord with electrical tape is all you need to do. 

Be sure to unplug the power supply cord from its power source before you begin the process, and be sure the wire is still in good shape and functioning. 

If the damaged cord smells or appears burned or looks like one of the wires has been pierced. It is best to get it to the nearest repair shop and let an expert take a look at it. 

Faulty Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet would stop your television from functioning correctly, and here are two main avenues to fix it.

Switch to Another Power Outlet

You need to check whether your television power outlet is still functioning; the only way to do that is by switching to another power outlet. If it works, you know you need to change the power outlets. 

Replace the Faulty Power Outlet

Tons of available DIY videos will teach you how to replace power outlets in your home. Once you discover a faulty outlet, replace them as soon as possible, and to avoid any home accidents, you can hire an electric professional to help you with the replacement. 

Common Samsung Tv Power Supply Problems

Faulty Samsung TV Power Supply Board

Suppose you discover that your Samsung TV power supply board has to be repaired. You should solve them using either of the two solutions listed below:

Repair the Board’s Faulty Components

You should repair faulty components of the board as soon as possible, as it’ll help prevent further damage to other parts of your TV power supply board. Some of these components can be replaced by a DIY expert, but you should allow a professional TV repairer to handle this for you.

Replace Completely Damaged Power Supply Board

Replacing a damaged power supply board is the only solution in this scenario. You should contact the nearest repairer to help you with this, and if your Samsung tv is still under warranty, you can get a free replacement. 

Samsung TV Blown Fuse

Your Samsung tv fuse gets blown because of one of the reasons below:

  • Faulty or wrong wiring.
  • Short circuit.
  • Circuit breaker tripping Issues.
  • Overloaded circuit. 

Here are some ways to help you fix this:

  • Replace the TV fuse
  • Check for any short circuits and replace the fuse
  • Fix the TV circuit breaker if broken then replace the fuse
  • Fix faulty TV wiring and replace the fuse

Other Samsung TV Power Problems

Suppose your Samsung TV is refusing to turn off even after you’ve pressed the power button on your remote several times. You can turn it off using the button on your Samsung TV or disconnect it directly from the power outlet.

You should inspect if the batteries in the remote are swollen or have exceeded their lifespan and consider replacing them. 

Samsung TV Power Button Broken.

You can fix this error using only this method:

Replace Broken Samsung TV Power Button

You can get a discount if your tv is insured or if your tv warranty covers the replacement.

Samsung TV Won’t Power Up

There are situations where your Samsung tv won’t power up. The points below can help you fix this kind of situation. 

  • Connect the cable and outlet firmly.
  • Replace surge and protectors if worn out.
  • Check whether the TV remote is functioning.

Samsung led TV power supply problems are enormous and can get solved by just turning off/on the TV switch. While some other symptoms require you to visit the nearest Samsung repair shop, others need you to check your HDMI and cable connections.  

The best way to avoid a bad power supply on your Samsung TV is by constantly checking your power outlets to ensure the power supply cord fixes correctly to the outer circuit. 

Conclusively, Samsung plasma TV power supply problems should not cause you to fret because you know the direct cause of the problem and can generate solutions on the spot. If you’re having trouble with your Samsung TV’s power supply, don’t despair! Our team of experts is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other common questions about faulty power supply in Samsung TVs:

Is there a power reset button on a Samsung TV? 

The exit button serves as the power reset button. Turn on your TV, press and hold the EXIT button on the Samsung remote control for 12 seconds. 

How do you test Samsung TV power supply problems?

Unplug the TV and unscrew the back panel to test the power supply. Locate the power board and inspect the visible damage. You need a multimeter to help you determine if the power supply is at fault. 

Is Samsung TV power supply board replacement worth it?

Yes, it is. A trial will convince you.

How much does Samsung TV power supply repair cost?

It will depend on the diagnosis of your repairer, but the average repair cost is between $200-$400.

How much is the Samsung power supply TV repair kit price?

It should cost between $50 – $200.

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