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My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

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My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Many people have experienced this minor inconvenience. Sometimes, it happens out of nowhere, and the TV remote suddenly starts flashing or blinking. The lights only stop when the battery drains and the device shuts off. 

Fortunately, this article covers the Samsung TV remote blinking issue, which has been a prevalent complaint since the release of this product. The article shares what causes the blinking and offers some solutions to fix it.

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

The Samsung TV remote is a vital tool for controlling your Samsung device. The blinking issue shows that there’s a problem. If you notice that the remote keeps blinking red even though there are no issues, then simply follow these steps:

Replace the Old Batteries

If the remote is just blinking randomly, try replacing the old batteries with fresh ones. Sometimes, old and worn-out batteries can cause this issue. Simply remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Repeat this step if the problem persists until you locate its root cause.

My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking
My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Clean the Rusty Contacts of Batteries

After replacing the batteries, pay attention to the battery contacts. Sometimes, the rusty and corroded terminals can cause a short circuit. Clean the contacts with a cloth until they are shiny and smooth. You can also consider buying a new battery charger just in case the old one is defective.

Bring a Remote in the Range of the TV

If the remote is no longer working because of a faulty connection with your Samsung TV, then the best thing you can do is bring the remotes in close range. Many times, this will help with the Samsung TV remote blinking issue.

Fix the Blocked IR Sensor Problem 

You may also need a new IR sensor to solve the blinking issue. There are plenty of IR sensors on the market, and you can purchase them online. 

Fix the Hardware Defect Problem

If the blinking issue keeps occurring and you have tried all the other solutions available, you may need to replace the device. You should also ensure that the device has no hardware issues. Contact the Samsung customer service hotline if you have any concerns regarding this.

If your Samsung TV remote keeps blinking even after trying all the solutions included in this article, it is most likely a defective part inside. You may contact the Samsung customer service hotline or visit your nearest Samsung store to purchase a new one.

Restore Factory Settings

The easiest way to fix the Samsung TV remote blinking issue is to restore the factory settings. Once done, it should fix the blinking problem. For this, enter a code into your remote and press the buttons of your remote until it turns back on. It should restart the Samsung TV and make it work again.

Pair and Sync With the TV

You can also repair and sync with the TV. You can hold the remote’s pairing button until it blinks twice. Then, simply press the power button and follow the instruction to sync it with your TV.

Fix the Stuck Buttons of the Remote If Any

If you cannot turn on the TV, it may be stuck with some of its buttons. Remember to hold the Pair button for about 5 seconds or until it turns back on. If this does not work, remove your remote’s rubber keypad and give it a hard rub using isopropyl alcohol to clean the sticky residues left behind.

Repairing Samsung Remote

Your Samsung TV remote is a vital part that helps you to control your Samsung TV system when you want to change the channels or adjust the volume or play some media files. To repair the Samsung remote, you can try the following:

My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Power Cycling Your Remote Control

Power cycling your remote control is the first thing you can do to fix the problem. It is for your remote control and any electrical equipment close to and around you. Power cycling is simply turning it on, off, and again and waiting for about 30 seconds before turning it back on. 

Power Cycling Your TV

Try turning your TV on and off so the remote control can sync with your TV. To do this, press the power button on your TV and wait for about 15 seconds before turning it back on again. Suppose this is your first time doing this.

In that case, the remote control may have trouble communicating with it because other electronic devices nearby may interfere with the signals sent by the remote control.

Best Remote App for Samsung TV

A remote app for Samsung TVs is a great alternative to your remote control. It will help you control your TV with your smartphones or tablets, making the repair process more straightforward.

Use Smart Things App as Remote Control

Samsung SmartThings is a smart and innovative remote control that allows you to control your Samsung TV using your smartphone or tablet through a Wi-Fi network. 

The Smart Things app is the best choice if you have issues with your remote control because it can help you control most of your electronic devices and appliances. It is easy to install, compatible with all models, and there is no need for technical expertise.

Replace Samsung TV Remote

If you have a working Samsung TV remote control but still have problems with it, then you need to replace it. You can purchase a new one online or even buy it in a Samsung store and replace the old one with this brand-new version. In most cases, they manufacture the original devices with high-quality parts to ensure maximum performance for your TV. 

Contact Your Local Retailer for a Replacement Samsung Remote Control

If you are having trouble with your Samsung remote control, you may also contact your local retailer or any other Samsung device service center in your area to find out if they can replace it. However, before doing so, check if the device is still under warranty and if the company will replace this under normal circumstances.

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red Only Power Button Works

You can reset the remote control or hold the power button for about 10 seconds or until it turns back on. If this still doesn’t work, try holding the pairing button until the light turns green. Then, turn on your TV and press any input on your remote control. 

If you still have problems with your Samsung TV remote, visit a Samsung service center and let them diagnose and repair your Samsung TV device that has trouble with its remote control.

My Samsung TV Remote Keeps Blinking

Samsung TV Remote Red Light Blinking 5 Times

The Samsung TV remote red light blinking five times can be a sign that the batteries are dead or the TV has unpaired from the remote control. In this case, replace the batteries or pair the remote again with the TV by turning it off and on again. The TV remote should blink twice if the pairing is successful; otherwise, the remote will remain off. 

If this doesn’t work, you can contact a service center in your area and let them diagnose and repair your Samsung TV device that has trouble with its remote control. You can also find out if the warranty of your remote control still applies and see if the company will cover any cost of repairing or replacing the damaged or broken TV remote for free.


Now you know what to do if your Samsung TV remote control stops working. Since there are a lot of possibilities and causes why your remote control is not functioning correctly, try out different techniques to find out the exact problem with it. 

Some steps or tips we provided helped you fix your TV remote control. If your issues are still unresolved, visit a Samsung service center in your area and let an expert diagnose and repair your Samsung device that has trouble communicating with its remote control. Contact us if you need further help with this or any other issue, our group of experts will assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding Samsung TV remotes:

Why does TV remote blink when kept under camera?

The most common reason that causes the remote to appear under the lens of a camera is the directed infrared technology. The flash of the photo camera will push down the LED lights. 

What does it mean when the remote control of a TV is blinking?

Blinking your TV remote can be frustrating, so it is essential to address this issue immediately. It means that there is something wrong with your remote control; it’s either broken or out of order. Most likely, small parts in your remote need repair. It usually happens when the battery dies or some other remote part is defective.

Why is my TV’s red light blinking and the channel not changing?

If your TV keeps blinking, but the channel stays put, the problem could be with your remote control. The remote could be defective. You can also solve this problem by simply resetting your cable box or TV.

Why does the Samsung TV Led indicator continuously blinking red?

If you are experiencing a blinking red led indicator when using your television remote control, there are two reasons—the interference of infrared light could cause it. Second, the batteries may need replacement. 

To find out which reason is causing this problem, try using a different TV remote control to see if the blinking continues. If it does, another source of interference affects your television’s remote control.

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