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How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

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How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

Samsung televisions are the world’s most popular brand, landing in billions of homes. But what do you do if you find yourself dealing with glitches? One common glitch for users is seeing horizontal green lines on the TV screen of their Samsung.

If you’re looking for a Samsung TV horizontal lines fix, we’re here to help. Read on to learn the causes and how to fix the horizontal lines on your TV screen. Afterward, be sure to keep reading for a quick FAQ section!

Horizontal Green Lines On the TV Screen for Samsung: Causes and Solutions

To begin, what causes your Samsung TV’s horizontal green lines on the screen? The most common cause is issues with your video cables.

Another common cause of the horizontal green lines on your Samsung TV is obsolete software. Additionally, you may have issues with an internal component.

You may also experience similar issues, such as vertical green lines on your Samsung TV. While the problem is similar, this issue can have a different fix.

How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen
Lear here How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

Bad Cable Connection to the Samsung TV Panel

If you find a horizontal green line on your Samsung LED TV, your video cord is a common problem. Here are the main ways to stop your video cord from causing horizontal green lines on the TV screen of your Samsung.

Reseat the Cables That Go to the Panel

When you look at your television, you’ll find several cables going from your media player to your television. These cables include your video cables, most commonly an HDMI cord in modern televisions.

Other cables include a Display cord or, in older models, Audio-Visual cords. Whichever cables you’re using, you should reseat them.

In technological terms, “reseat” is the term for disconnecting and reconnecting something. Unplug the cords and securely plug them back in. Once you’ve done so, see if the lines remain.

Disconnect and Reconnect the Video Cable/HDMI

The most important cord to reseat is the HDMI cable or Video cable. If you still have green horizontal lines on your TV screen, consider replacing the cord.

Check the HDMI cord for any damage. Frayed wiring, crimped cables, or severely warped connections are all common damage.

If your cord is damaged, replace it immediately. There’s a high chance that the cord is the reason your Samsung TV has horizontal green lines.

Low Signal Levels

Another reason for the horizontal line on the TV screen of your Samsung device is a poor signal. This problem is most common for streaming internet-related content.

If the green lines are visible while using something that doesn’t require internet, it’s unlikely that this is your problem. Offline content includes gaming, watching DVDs, or using downloaded content.

Check the Internet Input Source to the TV

If you’re experiencing a green horizontal line on your Samsung TV, check your internet input source. Most televisions use Wi-Fi.

Check your network to see how strong the signal is. If the signal is weak, strengthening your signal may help.

One way to do this is to install a Wi-Fi booster in your home. You can also move your television and router closer together.

If you’re using a physical ethernet cord, check the connection. Ensure the ethernet cord is snapping into the port fully.

You should also check the cord for physical damage. As with your HDMI cord, you may have frayed wiring, crimped wires, or more.

You can always confirm that the cord isn’t the problem by replacing the cord. It’s also a good idea to switch to a different ethernet port, if possible.

Learning How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

Broken Samsung TV Panel

Are you still looking for a Samsung TV horizontal lines fix after troubleshooting? The problem may rest in internal components.

One common component to have damage is the television panel. If the panel is damaged, physical issues will appear. This includes both horizontal and vertical green lines.

Replace the TV Panel

The only fix for a broken TV panel is to replace the panel. Purchase another panel from Samsung and remove your broken panel. Replace the panel with the new panel and see if the fix worked.

If the panel was your problem, your television shouldn’t have green lines anymore. However, if the green lines return, you can confirm the panel was not the issue.

If you aren’t comfortable replacing components of your television, contact a local professional. They can replace the panel for you, as well as troubleshoot any other possible problems.

How to Fix Other Samsung TV Screen Problems

If your television still isn’t functioning, you should consider taking the television to professional repair services. They’ll troubleshoot the problem and fix the issue for you.

It’s also a good idea to contact Samsung customer support. Customer support can help you claim any warranty on the television.

There’s a chance that your remaining issue is software related. One important step is to make sure your television is up to date.

Look at your television’s About under settings and check for new updates. If any are available, download and install the update. Doing so will ensure your television isn’t out of date.

You can also perform a factory reset to solve any software glitches. Navigate to your General settings and select the Factory Reset option.

Allow 10-15 minutes for your television to finish resetting. Afterward, run through the set-up process for your television.

It’s important to note that this process will reset all settings to their original default. Make sure to keep track of settings you’ve customized so you can easily change them back after the reset.

Resolving Vertical Green Lines on your Samsung TV

If you’re comfortable working with the internal components of your television, you can check some wiring. Here is the most important wiring to check in the back of your television.

Reseat Cable Connections

You should already have attempted to reseat your video cables, but there are more wires to check. Open the back of your television and check the main board.

Check the cords and cables going to your main board and ensure they’re properly secured. Reseat them to make sure that they’re fastened as securely as possible.

Reseating these cords will help to restart your television fully. This process will help to smooth out any software glitches that may cause the horizontal green lines.

How To Fix Horizontal Green Lines On Samsung TV Screen

Troubleshooting Samsung Television Issues

If you’re experiencing a horizontal green line on your TV screen, the problem is likely with your HDMI cords. Replace these cords and check for any damage to internal components. Afterward, a factory reset can smooth out most software glitches.

For more information on troubleshooting your televisions, visit our extensive site. If you have any remaining questions, keep reading for a quick FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Televisions are complex, leaving plenty of questions. Here are the four most common questions regarding Samsung televisions.

What does it mean if there are green lines on my TV screen?

If you find a horizontal line on the TV screen of your Samsung, you have an issue with your video input. The issue most commonly comes from damaged or poorly-fastened HDMI cords.

How much does it cost to repair vertical lines on a TV?

The cost to repair lines depends on what is causing the problem. If the issue is your HDMI cord, you can pick up a new cable for less than $10.

If the issue is your TV panel, the fix is more expensive. The same is true for if you’re replacing the TV panel.

How much does it cost to fix horizontal lines on a TV?

As before, the cost depends on the issue. Consider bringing your television to a local repair shop to see what they suggest. Doing so can stop you from wasting money buying the wrong component.

What causes black lines on a Samsung TV?

The cause of black lines on a Samsung TV is typically a poor video connection.

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