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Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

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Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

Samsung televisions are immensely popular, making them the top global producer of televisions for 16 consecutive years. But what do you do when you find yourself dealing with troubleshooting your television? Many users experience problems with their Samsung TV’s red light blinking 10 times.

If you’re dealing with these issues, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to fix your Samsung TV flashing red light problem and what it means. Stay tuned for a brief FAQ on your Samsung TV red light flashing glitch!

Samsung Smart TV Red Light Flashing 10 Times

If your Samsung TV won’t turn on with a blinking red light on, what’s causing the issue?

Several problems could cause this error code to appear.

One of the most common issues is that your television needs to reset. If your Samsung smart TV has a blinking red light, you can check your manual to see what error code is happening.

Each blinking pattern correlates to another error. Checking your manual ensures you’re looking at the correct error code.

Sometimes, you may find an answer for a different model’s error code. Two Samsung televisions can show the same blinking red light and mean two different errors! Consulting your television manual will give you the proper fix.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times
Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

Try to Reset Samsung TV

Many software issues are fixable with a reset. If your Samsung TV’s power button is flashing red, you may need to reset the television. A reset can help to stop most software glitches.

You can reset your television in several ways. The simplest is to turn the television off and back on with the remote. If your Samsung TV is not turning on with a red light blinking, this will not work.

Instead, you can unplug the television from the wall. Removing the television from its power source will force the television to shut down. Once you plug the television back in, see if you still have a red light flashing on your Samsung TV.

Another option is power cycling. You can unplug your television and hold the power button down for 30-60 seconds. Afterward, plug the television back in and let it boot up.

Finally, you can attempt a factory reset. A factory reset is a thorough fix that can stop nearly any software glitch. However, it also takes a few minutes and will reset your settings to their factory defaults.

Navigate to the menu and confirm that you want to perform a factory reset. The process may take 5-15 minutes.

Disconnect HDMI Cable

Another possible problem is the HDMI cable. You can unplug the HDMI cable and try a different port.

If your Samsung TV has a black screen with a red light flashing, you may have this display issue. However, if your Samsung TV won’t turn on with red light flashes, this isn’t your problem. Still, it’s a quick problem to check a troubleshooting possibility off the list.

Replace Blown Capacitor

Blown capacitors can cause hardware issues that leave your television malfunctioning. Open the back panel of your television and see if you have a blown capacitor.

Other error codes may indicate this. For example, a Samsung TV’s red light blinking 5 times may mean an error with a component. If your Samsung TV’s red light is blinking 2 times, this likely relates to the mainboard or the internet.

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times
Fixing the Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

Check Surge Protector and Outlet

One possibility is a faulty delivery of power. You should check your surge protector and outlet to ensure they’re delivering electricity properly.

If your Samsung plasma TV won’t turn on and has a blinking red light, it may have issues with the power supply. Ensure that these components are working properly before moving on.

Located Shorted Components and Use a Voltmeter

If you think that the issue is with shorted components, consider using a voltmeter. A voltmeter is a tool that can help you measure how many volts a component is receiving or giving.

Using this tool will help you see if a component is shorted or functioning properly. That way, you can ensure you’re replacing the correct capacitor or backlight.

Change Shorted LED Backlights

The backlights are another internal component that may short out. If you’ve recently suffered a power outage, this is a strong possibility.

For example, some may not protect their television with a surge protector. In this situation, a strong storm can cause a power surge through your home. Unprotected electronics may experience a surge of electricity. This surge can damage internal components.

If you’ve recently experienced such a storm, check your backlights. These LED backlights are sensitive and prone to shorting. As before, use a voltmeter to check if any are shorted.

Contact Samsung for Warranty Claim

Regardless of what’s causing your problem, you may want to check on your warranty. If the television is faulty, you may have the choice of claiming your warranty.

Some retail shops may give a warranty of their own. Make sure you’re contacting whoever holds your warranty so you can discuss replacing your faulty television.

Restart the Samsung Smart TV

Once you’ve located any shorted or malfunctioning components, restart the television. You should not work on the electronics of a system that’s still receiving power.

With the components fixed or replaced, plug the television back in and boot it up. The television should work properly, assuming you’ve given the correct fix. If not, you should contact a local television technician.

Fixing Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times

Contact Samsung Customer Support

If you’ve tried these steps, your best choice is to contact Samsung customer support. 

Samsung’s technicians can help you discover what’s causing problems with your television. They can also provide any information on a warranty or possible diagnosis.

Troubleshooting Your Samsung Television

If you’re experiencing issues where your Samsung TV’s red light is blinking 10 times, several issues are possible. A factory reset can help solve nearly any software glitch. 

Consider replacing physical components like capacitors and backlight LEDs or contacting Samsung.

For more information about your home gadgets, be sure to check our site. You can also keep reading for a brief FAQ on troubleshooting your Samsung television!

Frequently Asked Questions

“But my Samsung TV won’t turn on and the red light is on!” These questions occur frequently, as televisions are complex machines.

If you’re still curious on how to fix your Samsung television, this quick FAQ is for you! Read on for a few of the most common questions regarding Samsung televisions.

How to turn on my Samsung TV without a remote or another source?

If you do not have an external source of turning on your television, use the buttons on the TV. These buttons can complete any task a remote can do. If these buttons are not functioning, contact a technician.

Is there a physical reset button on my Samsung TV?

There is no button labeled “Reset.” However, if you hold the Start button near the control panel, this will trigger a reset.

How do I reset Samsung TVs in seconds?

Unfortunately, you cannot rush your television’s reset process along.

Newer televisions will reset quicker than old TVs. Older models may take several minutes to finish resetting. A television that’s heavily used will take longer than other televisions of the same age.

Be patient while resetting your television. Rushing your television’s process can lead to further software glitches.

How to connect an external cable or HDMI cable to Samsung TV?

Locate the proper port. HDMI cable ports are clearly labeled and appear as a somewhat-trapezoidal shape. Other cables will have a unique appearance. Check the cable and look for a port that seems to fit.

What does it mean when LED lights blink red?

Samsung televisions use blinking red LEDs to help show error codes. A blinking red light is typically displaying an error code for your television.

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