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How To Fix Lines on a Samsung TV Screen?

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How To Fix Lines on a Samsung TV Screen?

Samsungs are exceptionally popular home technology, with enough televisions sold by the manufacturer to make them the global leader for sixteen consecutive years. But there are plenty of glitches and errors that users encounter. One of the most common Samsung TV problems is lines on the screen.

If you’re curious about this issue, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to fix your Samsung TV screen problems and the vertical lines on your TV screen. Afterward, be sure to stick around for a quick FAQ!

What Causes Vertical Lines on a Samsung LED TV?

Several issues could cause your Samsung TV to have line problems. These issues are minor and are typically easy to fix.

The most likely issue is a bad connection. You can often fix the issue by checking your input source. The input source is your HDMI, video, or PC connection cords.

Another common cause is a processing issue. Processing issues typically arise from software glitches. Generally speaking, software glitches are fixable by resetting your television.

Though these are the most common, they’re not the only causes. Read on to learn more about what your problem’s cause may be and how to fix the issue.

How to Fix Vertical Lines on a Samsung TV?

Discovering your Samsung TV vertical lines fix is tricky, as you need to know the source first. If your car won’t start, you need to know if you’re out of gas or have an engine issue. The same is true for your electronics! Here’s a quick troubleshooting list for your television.

Find The Cause

1. Find the Cause

The first step to your troubleshooting is to find the cause. You can take several troubleshooting steps that will help narrow down possible causes.

For example, begin by troubleshooting your cords first. The cords are easy to see, and you can typically tell if they’re the problem quickly. Check the cords for any damage, such as frayed or exposed wiring. Damaged cords are a frequent cause of dozens of television issues.

You can replace these cords or try reseating them, which we’ll look into in depth later. You may also start with a quick restart of your television. If this process fixes your television, you can conclude a software glitch was the issue.

Diagnose the problem before you try to fix the issue. Taking shots in the dark can do more harm than good when dealing with electronics.

2. Complete a Picture Test

Another great diagnostic tool is the Samsung picture test. You can locate the Picture Test option within your Picture settings menu. Use your remote controller or the buttons on your television to navigate to this menu.

Using this tool will help show any issues with your screen. It’s good to start with these built-in tools before moving to more advanced troubleshooting. Starting small can save you from a headache later.

3. Book a Technician

You may hit a wall when working on your Samsung TV horizontal lines fix. If you try all the troubleshooting steps without luck, consider booking a technician.

Technicians can help fix issues like the Samsung LED TV problems of lines on your screen. They can aid in troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you aren’t confident in your ability to fix the television!

What To Do If Nothing Works

4. What to Do if Nothing Works?

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and your television still won’t work, consider contacting customer support. You may need to refund or replace your television.

Samsung’s customer support can also help you discover how to fix horizontal lines on your TV screen. If all else fails, they can help you begin the process of finding another television.

5. Check Your Warranty

If your television is experiencing difficulties, you should check your warranty. The warranty on your television gives you a few guarantees. 

You may still have time left to return, refund, or replace your television. Your warranty may also entitle you to repairs or services to fix the issues. If you see a thin black line on your Samsung TV screen, check your warranty immediately!

6. Check for a Recall Notice

A final step to take is to check for a recall notice. Samsung may issue a recall for significant issues, such as a faulty batch of televisions. Check to see if Samsung is recalling your television. If they are, it’s unlikely you can fix the issue, and you should contact Samsung for the recall.

Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen (Try This FIRST!)

Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen (Try This FIRST!)

Now that we know about what causes horizontal lines on your TV screen and Samsung device, there are some easy fixes! Here are seven quick Samsung TV horizontal lines fixes. If you have a vertical line issue, these fixes are still effective.

1. Power Cycle the TV

The quickest and easiest thing you can do is power cycle your television. When dealing with a single vertical line on your Samsung TV, it’s almost certainly a software glitch. Software glitches sound daunting, but they’re arguably the easiest issue to fix!

Software glitches often arise from snags and issues in the television’s software. Power cycling your television will force your television to shut down. Ending all processes in this manner often fixes glitches.

Unplug your television from its power source. Hold the power button down for 30-60 seconds. Doing so will force the power to drain from your television.

Once you’re done, plug the television back in. Start the television up as you usually do and see if this fix worked. If not, you may have a more elaborate problem.

2. Reseat HDMI Connections

One of the other easy methods is to reseat your HDMI connections. In technological terms, “reseat” means to disconnect and reconnect. Doing so can help fix small snags or glitches by forcing the connection to start from scratch.

Unplug your HDMI cord from your television and its video source. Plug the cord back in and see if the problem remains. Consider plugging the cord into a different HDMI port if you still have the lines. You also should consider replacing the cord.

3. Return Under Warranty

You should return the device to Samsung if your television is still under warranty. Your warranty is meant to protect you from these glitches and issues. Contact Samsung and say that you want to claim your warranty.

Contact the retailers you purchased the television from as well. Retailers like Wal-Mart or Best Buy may offer individual warranties. In this case, you fulfill your warranty with the retailer instead of Samsung.

Return Under Warranty

4. Remove the Back Panel & Clean Your Television with Compressed Air

A quick physical fix is to remove the back panel of your television. Here, you’ll likely find dust and detritus. The vents in the back of your television can suck in debris and cause issues such as overheating.

Use compressed air to blow this area clean. You can purchase a can of compressed air online or at most office supply retailers. Be careful not to hold the can upside down or sideways, as this can send liquid propellant into your electronics and cause damage.

5. Reseat T-CON Board Ribbons

The T-CON board is a crucial component of your computer. You should consider reseating the ribbons the same way you reseat the HDMI cords. Unplug these ribbons and plug them back in.

The ribbons are fragile and prone to breaking if handled incorrectly. If you aren’t comfortable manipulating them, contact a technician.

6. Block Specific Ribbon Strip Contact Points With a Piece of Tape

Your T-CON board’s ribbons may contact points that you don’t want them to. The contact points may have faulty connections or prove unnecessary. In this situation, you should block those points with a piece of electronics-safe tape. Doing so may fix your line issue.

Block Specific Ribbon Strip Contact Points with a Piece of Tape

7. Contact Samsung Support

If all else fails, you should contact Samsung support. Samsung’s representatives can help you troubleshoot, return the television, or book a technician. You can also begin the process of purchasing a new television if yours needs replacing.

How Do I Fix Ghosting on My Samsung TV?

On a television, “ghosting” is when the image is inexplicably doubled. To fix this issue, you should update the firmware of your Samsung television. 

You can update your TV’s firmware from the Settings menu, but you will require an internet connection. Otherwise, use a USB thumb drive to download the firmware from Samsung’s website.

How to Remove Colored Vertical Lines All Over the Screen of My LED TV?

Your first step is to diagnose why the issue is occurring. Consider power cycling your television to solve most simple software glitches. You should also check physical connections such as your HDMI cords or other video connections.

How to remove colored vertical lines all over the screen of my LED TV

Thin Black Line on Samsung TV Screen

Once you’ve diagnosed the issue, you can begin fixing the problem. A black line is a signature symptom of overheating. Remove the back panel of your television and see if you have a dust clog or other debris.

If you find debris, use compressed air to blow the dust away. Don’t use harsh materials like paper towels or fabric. If you must use fabric, use a safe and gentle fabric like a microfiber cloth.

Single Vertical Line on Samsung TV

If reseating, power cycling, and cleaning the back of your computer don’t work properly, consider a factory reset. A factory reset will force your television back to its default settings. While this sounds inconvenient, it also will fix nearly any software glitch or issue.

Single vertical line on Samsung tv

Grey Fog and Black Vertical Lines Again After Repair

Contact the repair service if you have your television repaired and there are still issues. They may have failed to fix your television properly or caused a smaller issue inadvertently. 

You could also have unfixable damage to the hardware of your television. In such a situation, it’s often best to replace the television. Contact Samsung about your warranty and have the television replaced.


Dealing with Samsung TV problems like lines on your screen is obnoxious but easy to fix. Consider reseating your cords, power cycling, or a factory reset. In more extreme cases, reseat your T-CON board or contact professional technicians.

For more information on caring for your home technology, be sure to browse the rest of our site! If you have any remaining questions, read on for a brief FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vertical lines on a Samsung TV be fixed?

Yes! Vertical lines are usually a symptom of a simple and minor problem. However, more serious issues can sometimes cause the problem.

Is it possible to fix a TV with lines on the screen?

Your first step to fixing the issue is to diagnose what’s causing the problem. Most causes of TV lines are easy to fix. A power cycling or factory reset can usually fix the problem if the issue is a software glitch.
In more extreme cases, you may need to open the internal components of your television. Reseating cords and the T-CON board are the most common fixes on the physical side of things.

Why does my TV have a bunch of lines on the screen?

The most likely reason is an issue with your video cords. Check your HDMI cord and the port that you plug the cord into. If there’s any damage or notable fraying, replace the cord immediately.

How much does it cost to fix vertical lines on a TV?

The cost depends on what the necessary fix is. A new HDMI cord is typically cheap, even on the higher end of devices. Hiring a technician to replace the T-CON board or perform other fixes is considerably more expensive.

How do I get rid of the vertical lines on my Samsung TV?

Once you’ve diagnosed the cause, apply the correct fix. If you still have difficulty diagnosing the cause, you should contact Samsung’s customer service.

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