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Why Is Samsung TV Only Showing Half/Quarter Of The Screen?

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samsung tv only showing quarter of screen

Why Is Samsung TV Only Showing Half/Quarter Of The Screen?

Samsung televisions are exceptionally popular, helping the manufacturer become the top TV manufacturer globally. They have held this position for sixteen consecutive years. However, many users still find themselves struggling with several issues. One significant issue is the Samsung TV only shows a quarter of the screen.

If you’re wrestling with Samsung TV screen problems, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about how to troubleshoot your TV screen and how to fix your Samsung TV aspect ratio problem. Afterward, be sure to stick around for a FAQ section on how to fix a Samsung TV half-black screen problem.

What May Be the Cause of Half Screen Display on a Samsung TV?

Multiple issues could cause your television to display an incorrect picture. The first thing you should look into is the settings of your television. If you own a Samsung TV with a half-screen not working, the problem may rest within the settings.

For this fix, look into how to change the screen mode on a Samsung TV. The screen mode can give preset ratios and screen sizes that cause issues. Knowing how to change the picture size on a Samsung TV to fit the screen can also help with this step.

Another possible cause is a type of software glitch. While uncommon, your television may suffer from a glitch that blacks out part of the screen.

You may also have physical damage to the screen that causes such a display issue. If you try significant troubleshooting and find that the issues remain, you should seek professional help. Consider contacting Samsung’s customer service. The representatives can help you to have your television replaced or repaired.

How to troubleshoot TV picture and screen issues

How to Troubleshoot TV Picture and Screen Issues?

To troubleshoot, it’s best to start with the easiest fixes and work up to more complex problems. To this end, begin your troubleshooting by looking at your settings.

You may find features that are causing issues with your screen size. For example, you may need to turn Fit to Screen on your Samsung TV on or off. The Fit to Screen feature helps your television automatically fit your content to the television.

Another crucial step is to know precisely what the problem you’re facing is. Is the Samsung TV only showing a quarter of the screen while the rest is blurry? Are there issues with features like AP Twitch or an external device, such as a DOTS projector?

Knowing what the full list of issues is can help you diagnose the issue properly. Afterward, work from the simplest fixes up to the most complex. One quick way to check a software issue is by performing a hard or factory reset. These resets will solve nearly any simple software issue. If your Samsung TV is only showing a quarter of the screen, a factory reset can often fix the problem.

How do I Restore my Samsung TV to Full Screen?

The first step to restoring your television is to discover the issue. If you aren’t able to diagnose the issue, you won’t have the means to fix the problem. Perform a vigorous troubleshooting routine to discover what’s causing your television’s problem. If you aren’t able to diagnose the issue, consider seeking a professional repair service.

TV is only showing a quarter of the screen. Samsung

TV is Only Showing a Quarter of the Screen, Samsung

One step that can help you fix your issue is to reset the picture ratio. For this step, it’s important to know how to change the screen size on a Samsung TV without a remote.

Move to your television and open the menu with the side buttons. From here, you can navigate through the menu using the channel or volume select buttons. You can also confirm a selection with the center button or Menu.

With these controls, you can alter any setting that you can with your remote. It’s an exceptionally helpful step in any situation where your remote isn’t working properly.

Picture Only Showing in Top Left Portion of Screen

Most commonly, this issue is from some sort of television setup setting. Thankfully, any issue in this manner is fixable by altering your settings. Use your remote or television to navigate to your Display or Picture settings. Here, locate anything that may force an aspect ratio onto your television. You may have accidentally set your television to too small of an aspect ratio. Adjust the ratio here to fix the issue.

A dark right quarter of the screen

A Dark Right Quarter of the Screen

The most frequent cause of this issue is faulty LED backlight connections. You can often fix the problem by adjusting your television physically. If you aren’t able to fix the problem this way, contact professional repair services. The issue may rest within the electronic components of your television, making it difficult to fix yourself.

Smart View is Not Displaying Correctly When Screen Mirroring

You should ensure that your television is properly compatible with screen mirroring. Overdue updates or similar software issues can frequently cause glitches when using features like screen mirroring.

Black Screen and Flashing Power Light

Multiple problems may cause this issue. One common problem is an issue with the main board. The main board controls much of your television, but faults are often severe.

If you’re unable to receive any signal, consider seeking repairs. You may need to replace the component or the television if the main board is faulty or broken.

Black screen and flashing power light

Samsung TV Aspect Ratio Problem

The first step to these problems is diagnosing what the problem is. You can often find the fix to an Aspect ratio problem in your settings.

You should also consider performing a hard restart. First, unplug your television and hold the power button for 30-60 seconds. Afterward, plug the television back in, allowing it to boot up normally.

Fit to Screen Samsung TV On or Off

The Fit to Screen feature of your Samsung TV can help to fit your picture perfectly to your screen. This feature is excellent for content made in different sizes or aspect ratios.

Navigate to your display settings to find this feature. Once you’ve discovered it, activate the feature to fit content to your screen automatically.

Samsung TV Only Shows Quarter of Screen; the Rest is Blurry

A blurry picture is most often the result of faulty display cords. For a Samsung television, the HDMI cords are the likely culprit.

Swap out your HDMI cords to see if they’re causing the problem. If you don’t have a spare, unplugging and plugging the HDMI back in can sometimes fix minor issues.

Samsung tv only showing quarter of screen streaming only

Samsung TV Only Showing Quarter of Screen, Streaming Only

If you’re only dealing with this problem while streaming, there’s a high chance that the issue is with the streaming device. Smartphones frequently have issues when casting their video output to a larger screen.

Consider looking into the streaming device to see if it’s causing the problem. You may have an issue with the settings in your device, causing the output to give your television an incorrect ratio.

How to Fix Samsung TV Half-Black Screen?

If all else fails, the most effective software fix is the factory reset. Perform a factory reset by confirming that you wish to do so within the television’s settings. Please be aware that a factory reset will change the settings and information back to default. For this reason, it’s vital to know your custom settings so you can set them again later.


Troubleshooting your Samsung television’s issues feels overwhelming but is simple in practice. Check simple issues like your settings or HDMI cords first. Afterward, consider seeking repairs or performing a factory reset to solve your problem. For more information on home technology, browse our informative site. If you have remaining questions, keep reading for a fast FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore my Samsung TV to full screen?

You’ll first need to discover what issue is causing your television not to display in full screen. A software glitch, broken component, or issues with your streaming device could cause the problem. Afterward, perform the proper steps to fix the discovered issue.

Why does my TV only show part of the screen?

The most likely cause is that your television’s settings are incorrect. Navigate to your Display settings and adjust them to your desired result.

Why is my TV not full screen?

Another common issue is that your television is suffering from a software glitch. A hard reset can smooth out most software glitches, making it a quick and easy solution.

How do I get my full screen back again?

Once you’ve discovered the cause of the problem, fixing the issue is often straightforward. If you cannot repair it, consider bringing the television to customer support.

Why is part of my screen cut off?

A frequent issue with Samsung televisions is problems with the HDMI cord. We advise you to replace any frayed, damaged, or malfunctioning HDMI cords to ensure your television works correctly.

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