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How To Fix a Samsung Plasma TV That Has Vertical Lines?

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How To Fix a Samsung Plasma TV That Has Vertical Lines?

Although Samsung televisions are known for their reliability, some users may experience issues that impact their viewing experience. One of the most common Samsung plasma TV problems is vertical lines on the screen.

If you’re experiencing this issue, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about vertical shadow lines on your Samsung TV and how to resolve the problem.

What Does It Mean if a Samsung TV Starts Displaying Vertical Lines?

What does it mean when your television is displaying vertical lines? For a Samsung TV, vertical lines on the screen can mean several things.

Typically, the vertical lines are the result of a connection error. The connection of your video input cords, such as HDMI cords, is usually the source. You should check these cords before trying anything else.

Another common cause of vertical lines is software issues. Glitches in your television’s software can cause display problems. A power cycle or factory reset is often enough to fix this problem.

How To Fix a Samsung Plasma TV That Has Vertical Lines?

If you’re asking, “How do I fix vertical screen lines?” the issue is easier to fix than you think! Whether you have a single vertical line on your Samsung TV or horizontal lines on a plasma TV, many fixes are similar. Here are some of the quickest and easiest fixes.

Power Cycle the TV

1. Power Cycle the TV

Your first step is to power cycle your television. When dealing with Samsung plasma TV problems like vertical lines, power cycling is the most common fix.

To power cycle, your device, unplug it from its power source. Then, press the power button down for 30-60 seconds. Afterward, plug the television back in and start it as you normally would.

A power cycle drains the television of power to stop all processes. This process functions as a hard reset, rebooting your television and fixing many simple software glitches.

2. Reseat HDMI Connections

A more physical fix is to reseat your HDMI connections. In tech terms, “reseating” is similar to reconnecting or replugging.

Unplug your HDMI cord from both the television and the video source. Plug the cord back into the same port and see if you still have horizontal lines on your plasma TV.

If the issue remains, try a different port. You can also try a different HDMI cord. They’re inexpensive and sold by many retailers.

3. Return Under Warranty

If your television is still under warranty, you can also return the device for a new one. Many retailers will have a warranty system. When buying your television, it’s common to sign up for a warranty toward the end of the process.

Contact the retailer about your warranty. If the television is directly from Samsung, they should hold your warranty. Return or replace the television with this warranty.

Remove Back Panel & Clean with Compressed Air

4. Remove the Back Panel & Clean the Vents with Compressed Air

If you have a thin black line on your Samsung TV screen, your television may have heating issues. The vents in the back draw in the fresh air and exhaust hot air. If too much dust or detritus clogs these vents, your television may overheat.

Remove the back panel of your television and clean it out with compressed air. You can purchase compressed air from most office store retailers or online.

As a note, make sure you keep your can of compressed air upright. Tilting the can will cause the propellant to spray out. The propellant can damage your more delicate television components.

5. Reseat T-CON Board Ribbons

Another part you can reseat is the T-CON board ribbons. These ribbons are extremely delicate, so ensure you’re handling them carefully.

Your T-CON board is a crucial component. Any fault in the T-CON board can cause issues like the thin black line on your Samsung TV screen. Reseating the T-CON board is a likely fix to the lines on your TV.

6. Block Specific Ribbon Strip Contact Points with a Piece of Tape

The ribbon strip coming in contact with other points may cause the line issue. Block any other contact points with a piece of electronic-safe tape.

Contact Samsung support

7. Contact Samsung Support

If all else fails, you should contact Samsung support. Samsung’s representatives can get you in touch with a technician to fix your television. They can also help you claim a warranty or troubleshoot the issue.

How Do I Get Rid of Vertical Black Bars on a Plasma Television?

If all the troubleshooting steps above fail, you may need a new television. Otherwise, the first step is to diagnose the issue. Be patient with your troubleshooting and take breaks if you find yourself getting frustrated.

Vertical Lines on Screen When Viewing

Vertical lines are most frequently the result of a software glitch. The best fix is to perform a power cycling or hard restart. Doing so will fix most common software glitches without much effort.

Colored "snow" vertical line an inch thick on Samsung plasma

Colored “Snow” Vertical Line an Inch Thick on Samsung Plasma

Seeing these “snowy” lines hints at issues with the sustain and buffer boards. Unfortunately, this fix is beyond most DIY enthusiasts. Instead, you should contact a professional repair shop to replace the components safely.

Black (or Color) Vertical Lines – Plasma (or LCD) TV – How To Fix

Your first step is to diagnose the cause of the problem. The easiest way to diagnose the problem is to pick a starting point and go!

Your quickest fixes include a hard restart or reseating the HDMI cords. If there’s damage to your HDMI cords, replacing them is cheap and easy.

Thick Black Line Down the Center of the Screen

A single black line indicates an issue with your T-CON board ribbons. Open the back of your T-CON board and ensure the ribbons aren’t contacting anything. If they are, safely use tape to cover whatever they’re contacting.

Grey fog and black vertical lines again after repair

Grey Fog and Black Vertical Lines Again After Repair

These issues indicate that the repair wasn’t successful. The repair service may have inadvertently damaged other components or not fixed the issue. Contact Samsung’s repair service and have them come take a second look at the television.

Single Vertical Line on Samsung TV

If the T-CON board ribbon wasn’t the cause of the vertical line, you might have a heating issue. Clear out the vents of your television using compressed air. Doing so can help air flow better and keep your television cool.

Another issue is a failing component. Contacting customer service or a repair technician will help diagnose this issue.

If you aren’t able to troubleshoot the issue, you should bring the television to a repair service. They’ll help diagnose the problem more accurately and can help employ a fix. If not, you may need to replace the television.


When dealing with your Samsung television’s issues, troubleshooting can quickly become frustrating. Start with easy and quick fixes like reseating your HDMI cords or power cycling the television. If this process fails, reseat your T-CON board or consider contacting Samsung’s repair services. Keep reading for a quick FAQ section on Samsung TV errors if you have any remaining questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes vertical lines on a Samsung TV?

The most common cause of vertical lines on your Samsung TV is a software glitch. You also may have issues with heating, a problem with an internal component, or a connection issue.

Can vertical lines on TV be fixed?

Yes! Vertical lines are easy to fix, depending on the problem. A great way to solve any software glitch is a factory reset. However, this process will revert all your settings to their defaults, so make sure to note what settings you like.
When dealing with Samsung plasma TV problems like vertical lines, you can also phone Samsung’s customer support or take your device to a technician.

What are the signs of a plasma TV going out?

The most common signs that a plasma TV is failing are flashing dots or pixels, distorted colors, or colored vertical lines across the picture. There may also be picture distortion near the corners of the screen or frequent disruptions to your picture.

How much does it cost to fix a vertical line on a TV?

The cost of fixing vertical lines depends on what causes the issue. Replacing an HDMI cord is generally cheap. The average cost for an HDMI cord is under $10. Reseating your HDMI cord may also fix the issue, making it a free fix!

How long should a Samsung TV last?

Samsung states that the industry standard for an LED television is roughly 100,000 hours. On average, this is about 10 years of use. After about half a decade, you may notice some difficulties with your television.

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