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How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV with USB?

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how to connect iphone to samsung tv with usb

How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV with USB?

You have purchased a new TV and want to connect your iPhone to watch the latest show. However, you are not sure how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV with a USB.

The USB port on a Samsung TV connects your iPhone to the TV. The article shares how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV with a USB to make watching videos and playing games more accessible.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV with USB?

You can connect both devices with a USB cable if you have an iPhone and a Samsung TV with USB ports. Follow these steps:

1. Find the USB port on the Samsung TV

If you have a Samsung TV, you’ll need to find the Universal Serial Bus USB connector before connecting your iPhone to the TV. Your TV’s USB port should be on the rear panel. The USB port consists of simple rectangular ports, like those on the bottom of an iPhone charger, that are used to transfer data between your device and a computer. Don’t mistake HDMI for USB, as doing so will permanently damage your HDMI port if you try to attach the cable with too much force.

2. Viewing Once Connected 

The iPhone’s lightning port, which has been used for data transfer, viewing images, syncing music, and charging since 2012, may now be used with any USB device.

Seeing photographs from a digital camera on a computer is similar to transferring content from your iPhone to a TV. This method of connecting to your TV has several advantages. This is a major plus since the lightning cable needed for the next steps is the same one you use to charge your phone. Therefore, there is no need for a separate cable or adapter.

This method of viewing photos doesn’t require an active internet connection, which is another benefit. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have WIFI access but need to see your images on a larger screen. Once you’ve synced your iPhone with the Samsung TV, you can view photos from your iPhone’s Photos app. 

Viewing Once Connected

3. USB to Lightning Cables 

Apple’s lightning cables are required for charging iPhones. The cords are included in your phone’s packaging. A TV can be connected to an iPhone by plugging the USB end into the device and connecting the lightning end to the iPhone. Once you’ve done this, your iPhone can send content to the TV.

Is Samsung TV compatible with USB to Lightning?

Considering that USB ports are standard on Samsung TVs, you can use any USB-to-USB adapter, such as a lightning cable, a micro USB cable, another USB cable, etc. To transfer data, you just need a cable with the right specs.

4. View files on your iPhone using Samsung’s TV File Explorer 

The majority of Samsung TVs equipped with USB ports also have limited internal storage space for storing data and media from USB drives.

A notification will appear on your Samsung TV when it has successfully synced your iPhone with your Samsung TV. If you select the pop-up, your Samsung TV’s file manager will launch.

In the file explorer, you can browse for media files to play on the TV or even transfer files to the TV. In addition, the file browser makes it simple to navigate the various files on the phone and quickly locate the one you need.

Use Samsung's TV File Explorer to View Files on Your iPhone

5. Samsung TV and iPhone: Alternative Connection Methods 

Connecting your iPhone to the Samsung TV is relatively easy, and while USB appears to be the most straightforward option, there are alternative options that are equally straightforward.

With an AirPlay 2-enabled Samsung TV, you can wirelessly stream content from your iOS device to the TV. Follow these instructions to get AirPlay 2 working on the Samsung TV with your iPhone:

  1. Swipe from the phone’s right-hand corner to access the iPhone’s Control Center.
  2. Click the Mirror Screen option.
  3. When the menu for screen mirroring appears, select your TV from the list to begin the setup process.
  4. Input the code shown on the Samsung TV into the iPhone if requested.
  5. Open Settings menu> select General> select Apple AirPlay Settings will allow you to customize your AirPlay 2 experience further.
  6. To customize your AirPlay experience, you may add accessibility features like subtitling and captioning or change the theme music.

Connecting your iPhone to the Samsung TV is possible through the TV’s HDMI port and a Plug and Play connection.

6. HDMI connects iPhone to Samsung TV

It doesn’t matter if your Samsung TV doesn’t support AirPlay 2 or has no USB port.

The iPhone can be connected to any Samsung TV through the HDMI port(s). There is a Lightning to HDMI adaptor as well as an HDMI cable you will need.

7. Connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV with a plug-and-play cable

A Plug and Play connection is another option for linking the iPhone to the Samsung TV. Some cables, known as “Plug and Play” cables, have a lightning connector on one end and an HDMI and a USB connection on the other. 

Simply attach the lightning end of the cable to the iPhone, then connect the other end (either USB or HDMI) to the appropriate input on your Samsung TV. After your iPhone is docked, you can see the mirrored display by switching to the appropriate input.

Use a Plug and Play Cable to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV

8. Get in touch with the support

However, despite attempting the above methods, you still can’t get your iPhone to work with your Samsung TV; perhaps there is something wrong with your TV. Your only choice would be to contact Samsung’s customer service department. 

How to Connect With AirPlay 2?

The AirPlay 2 feature lets you wirelessly stream media from your iOS device to certain Samsung TVs. Casting is also possible on Samsung Smart Monitors.

  1. To use this technique, you must have access to the internet and have your iPhone set to use that network’s wifi. To access streaming services on your Samsung TV, you must activate AirPlay. To adjust the Apple Airplay settings, head to the Settings menu, choose General, and tap Airplay. You may now activate AirPlay.
  2. Launch the Photos app on your mobile device to share media files. Then, choose the media file you wish to send and hit the Share button.
  3. To stream to a Samsung TV, go to Airplay and then hit the device’s name. Your TV will most likely display some sort of code. To view the content on the TV, enter this code into your iPhone. Music streaming works in much the same way.
  4. However, on your iPhone, you launch a music app like Spotify rather than the Photos app. Choose a track, then hit the AirPlay button.
  5. Then select the Smart TV or monitor you wish to view by tapping its name.
  6. The TV screen will likely display a code once again. Enter the code on your iPhone to access the content.
  7. Once you’ve selected an output device, you should listen to the audio.

Using Apple TV or an Airplay-compatible TV to stream on your TV 

There is a possibility that your device will automatically send video streams to your smart TV with Apple TV or AirPlay 2. You’ll see it at the top left corner if you have already selected an AirPlay device when you launch a video app. Using AirPlay on another device is as simple as tapping the desired device. You can also cancel AirPlay playback by tapping again.

Using Apple TV or an Airplay-compatible TV to stream on your TV

Can All Samsung TVs View Images Via USB?

In some cases, Samsung TV firmware versions may appear differently, but following procedures will lead to the proper route.

  1. Using the remote control, turn the TV off and then back on. In most instances, iPhones will connect once this is performed first.
  2. Connect the iPhone through the lightning-to-USB cord to the TV’s USB port.
  3. If you are using an iPhone, select “Allow” when prompted to “Allow this device access to your images and videos?”
  4. Afterward, the TV will display the message “New device: iPhone connected” Click browse with the remote control.
  5. With this feature, the Samsung TV will display files and folders similarly to a Mac or PC.

When connected in this manner, the images appear differently since it is configured to read storage devices exclusively without using the iPhone’s OS. The Photos app stores all the images you see in the Photos app. In addition, you can now navigate photo folders using the remote control.


There are several simple methods for connecting an iPhone to a Samsung TV. Most iPhones are connected to TVs, so they can be viewed on a larger screen via screen mirroring. However, some TV models can also transfer files from connected devices locally.

Certain Samsung smart TVs even allow you to install third-party apps to mirror your iPhone’s screen onto the TV. It is also possible to charge the iPhone using the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone, but you should avoid doing so because the voltage will be low, and your phone will charge slowly. Thanks for reading!


Can I mirror my iPhone to my TV with a USB cable? 

Your iPhone can be connected to a larger screen, such as a computer monitor, TV, or projector, with the right connection or adapter. In addition, iPhones have a charging connector on the bottom, so you may connect a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or Lightning to a VGA adapter to watch videos or play games.

How do I transfer my phone to my TV using a USB? 

There are usually multiple HDMI connections on modern TVs, and you can use a USB adaptor to connect your phone to the TV. First, you will need to connect the USB end of your phone to the adapter’s USB port and then connect the HDMI end to the adapter. Then, connect your TV to that input and continue.

How do I get my iPhone to display on my TV? 

AirPlay allows you to send and receive media wirelessly between your Mac, AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV, and Apple devices.
-Make sure your smart TV or Apple TV is on your device’s Wi-Fi network.
-Navigate to the video file that you want to play online.
-Open AirPlay on your device. Different apps may require you to start by pressing a different button. The Photos app serves as an illustration: select Share, then AirPlay.
-Pick a smart TV that supports AirPlay 2 or an Apple TV.
-To halt playback, open the app’s AirPlay menu and select your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) from the drop-down menu.

How can I connect my iPhone to my TV without WIFI?

A WiFi connection is not required to link your iPhone to the Samsung TV. Instead, the iPhone can be connected to the TV via the appropriate connector with the help of an HDMI cable, lightning-to-USB cable, or an HDMI converter.

Can I connect my iPhone to a non-smart TV?

You can connect your iPhone if your regular TV has USB or HDMI ports.

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