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Samsung TV Blinking On and Off

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Samsung TV Blinking On and Off

Samsung TV Blinking On and Off

Technology has improved television sets rapidly in the past few decades, improving their functions and entertainment ability. The best-functioning of these new TVs on the market are Samsung’s easy-to-use TVs. They are still, however, beset with a few problems. Problems with connectivity or streaming services are common, but several users face one particular problem: their Samsung TV blinking on and off.

While this may seem like it is a harmless irritation, it poses a risk for those at risk of epilepsy or those who have experienced brain trauma. Not to mention it can be incredibly irritating and frustrating to many users.

Luckily, Samsung TV’s problems are often easy to troubleshoot, and you can usually solve this problem without a technician’s help. So, if you have experienced this problem and are unsure of what to do, the solutions and approaches below may help you.

Why Is My Samsung TV Blinking On and Off?


Your Samsung TV may be blinking on and off for several reasons. The reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Malfunctioning eco-sensor
  • Malfunctioning energy saver
  • Bad/Broken cables
  • You need to reset your television

All of these problems usually take mere moments to resolve.

Malfunctioning Eco-Sensor

Your Eco-sensor tries to adjust the brightness of the TV’s picture according to the brightness of your living room or den. Sometimes, this sensor fails to sense the light correctly. This causes the Samsung TV to flash on and off.


If this is the case, you can use the settings menu on your Samsung TV to turn off the eco-sensor. This procedure often stops the Samsung TV from flickering on and off.

Malfunctioning Energy Saver

Related to but not the same as the Eco-Sensor, the Energy Saving function adjusts the Samsung TV’s brightness to a setting that uses less electricity. While good for the environment and energy bill, it does not work every time, and its malfunction can cause the Samsung TV’s screen to start glitching.


Fortunately, this is another simple fix. You must go to the settings menu with your remote and turn off the energy-saving function. If this function caused the problem, this click of a button should get rid of the issue. 

Bad/Broken Cables

Loose external input cables, such as HDMI and antenna cables, can cause a flickering screen for a Samsung TV, as their ability to transmit information to your television is reduced by their loose connection. 


To alleviate this potential issue and see if it is causing your Samsung TV screen to malfunction, check the connection between these cables and your television to see if they are correctly fastened. If they are loose or do not fit anymore, replacing them is not only necessary, but it will also likely get the flashing screen to go away.

Resetting the Television

There is a chance none of these solutions will get your Samsung TV screen to stop blinking on and off, and when that is the case, it is likely because the TV needs to be reset.


Samsung TVs include instructions for resetting the TV to its factory settings on their website. This process is essentially a harsher version of turning the TV off and turning it back on again. , but it also often works to stop the screen from blinking on and off by bringing everything back to its original setting. 

Check your user manual for specific instructions on this solution. If your Samsung TV is a newer model, the “reset” button will likely be under “self-diagnosis” – the same option you used to check the TV’s signal strength. 

My Samsung TV Won’t Stop Flickering

My Samsung TV Won’t Stop Flickering

Is the Samsung TV screen still flashing on and off? There is still no reason to worry because there are a few more solutions.

1. Move Your WiFi Router/Strengthen Connectivity

Connectivity issues can go beyond shows buffering on Netflix or Amazon Prime – they can also cause your Samsung TV screen to flicker on and off. Digital TV screens can flicker on and off if the broadcast signal they are connected to is weak.

To check if this is the issue, go to your settings menu and select “Support.” This menu has a “Self-Diagnosis” option, which you will also click on. From there, the screen should show a “Signal Information” button. Follow this option. If the weak connection is causing the problem, the screen will show you that the connection strength is “low.”

This problem is a little more complicated than other potential causes of your Samsung TV flickering screen problem. Nonetheless, it still has solutions.

If a weak broadcasting signal is causing your TV’s screen to flash on and off, you can start with the classic tech support solution: unplugging it and plugging it back in.

If your TV is connected to an antenna, disconnect it from the antenna line and try plugging it in again.

In many cases, this solves the problem and helps the TV pick up on the signal again. 

If this does not solve the problem, you will either have to call your local broadcasting company to fix the signal issue.

If your TV is connected to Wifi, moving your WiFi Router closer to the television may easily solve this problem and rid you of the dreaded flash on and off. Again, the screen blinks on and off because it cannot download the information completely due to poor connectivity.

Moving the WiFi router solves this problem by strengthening the signal for your TV and enabling your Samsung TV to download and process the information it is trying to display. You can also purchase a signal booster or extension for your TV so it can pick up on the signal better.

2. Update Your Television Software

If resetting your television or pursuing these other solutions does not stop your Samsung TV from blinking, it could be because the TV’s software is out-of-date. Most of the time, Samsung TVs update on their own, but that does not always happen.

Check under “Support” and “Software Update” to ensure that your Samsung TV has the latest software. By downloading the latest software, you can potentially stop the TV’s blinking while helping your TV improve its performance and entertainment function.

3. Adjust Your Seating Setup

You have to ensure your TV maintains a strong connection with your router. You can choose to move the router or TV to strengthen the internet connectivity and stop the screen from blinking. Additionally, you may have to rearrange the seats and furniture of the room where you watch TV to accomplish this task.

This may seem inconvenient and stressful but moving the couch, chairs, tables, and other furniture to ensure the TV can connect to the internet is still a cost-free solution that is likely to work; calling a technician is not.

4. Ensure the TV Isn’t Overheating

Overheating can kill your TV bulbs and cause electrical issues that could lead to your Samsung TV blinking on and off. This is also an easy problem to solve. By keeping the air vents on the TV clean, keeping external heat sources like space heaters away, and ensuring proper airflow in the room while using your Samsung TV, you can prevent your TV from overheating, and by extension, from blinking on and off.

5. You May Need New Bulbs

Your LCD bulbs may simply not be as efficient as they used to and cause your TV to overheat and cause your screen to blink. If you have pursued all other solutions and ensured that your TV does not overheat, but it still heats up to a concerning level, this likely means your TV bulbs are causing the problem. You can look on Samsung’s website for replacement bulbs.

6. Turn It Off and On

Don’t forget that the solution you seek can be as simple as turning off the TV and turning it back on again. This solution can save you from going through all other steps, in addition to hours of worrying and questioning, while also saving you money!

What Does It Mean When Your Samsung TV Starts Blinking?

What Does It Mean When Your Samsung TV Starts Blinking?

Your Samsung TV blinking on and off is nothing to freak out about. As mentioned before, it can be caused by several things. Most commonly, a blinking screen means there is either a minor electrical issue or connectivity issue with your TV that can be easily resolved.

Samsung TV Flickering Black Screen

The best solutions to your Samsung TV flickering to a black screen and pictures are to keep your Samsung TV in good working order, keep your TV room well ventilated, and make sure your TV is connected to a strong signal. These steps can save you from having to experience this problem at all.

In a nutshell, a Samsung TV screen flashing on and off is a fairly common problem and one that can be resolved quite easily without the aid of a technician. There are several potential causes of this problem, but each has its own effective troubleshooting method. We’re sure you will get a suitable solution from the tips we listed above.

We invite you to read other articles on our site for further information on Samsung TV blinking issues or other technical problems and their solutions. Moreover, the frequently asked questions below can help you:


Is there a reset button on Samsung TV?

There is no hard reset button on Samsung TVs, but under “Support,” you can find the reset option.

What do I do if none of these solutions work and my Samsung TV is still blinking?

At this point, when you have exhausted all options, call a technician as your TV is likely blinking for reasons other than those we have mentioned.

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