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Samsung Smart TV Red Light Blinking?

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Samsung Smart TV Red Light Blinking

Samsung Smart TV Red Light Blinking?

Is your Samsung Smart TV blinking with red lights? Is your Smart TV remote flashing red? You may have tried rubbing your batteries together or checking your HDMI connection, only to discover the light is still blinking.

You may not even realize that your Samsung Smart TV has a problem. Well, maybe you have a poor connection to your power supply, or perhaps it’s the remote and not the television.

What Causes The Samsung Smart TV Remote Control Red Light Blinking?

Samsung TV remotes wear out or require a simple repair. Pairing your TV with your RMCSPM1AP1 Samsung remote helps to prevent flashing red lights. When a red light blinks on your remote, the connection is interrupted.

Let’s start with the easy fix.

1. Pairing

Stand close to your television (1-2ft apart), aiming the remote toward the screen’s IR sensor.

  • Hold return ↩ and play/pause  ⤇ button down together for five seconds.
  • Watch for the remote and battery symbol to appear.
  • Re-pair (link) the remote with the battery to sync to the TV.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, don’t worry! We have troubleshooting options below.

2. Battery Replacement

Batteries eventually wear out, which can impact how well your remote and TV work.

Some Smart TV technology alerts our television monitors when it’s time to replace the batteries.

If you recently replaced your batteries, test them on another device. They may have expired. Follow the above steps to resync your remote to your television if it doesn’t work right away. 

Tip: Invest in quality Lithium-Ion batteries.

3. IR Sensor Blockage

The IR sensor is that invisible spot you aim your remote toward to switch on the television. Perhaps someone inadvertently blocked the sensor with a toy, box of tissues, or a plant.

If an obstruction prevents signal transmission, simply remove it. 

Because electronics attract dust, cleaning the sensor with a soft cloth (no liquid cleaners) is helpful.

4. Damaged Remotes

We all abuse our remotes. We may mistakenly sit on them, drop them, or smear them if our fingers are greasy.

If after troubleshooting with these helpful tips the conclusion is that the remote is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Repairs are costly and inconvenient. Universal remotes are inexpensive, but their features are different. 

An easy solution is to purchase a Samsung remote to match. Or, if you’re tech-savvy, download a remote app to your Smartphone.

5. Inoperable Button Functions

Remotes endure daily handling, grime build-up, and oxidation which may cause them to malfunction.

Before taking the remote apart, try to dislodge any obstruction by repeatedly pressing every button. This process will also find which button(s) is faulty. 

Dismantle the remote. Use an elastic eraser to clean battery connection oxidation. Try cleaning non-electronic rubber components with cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residue.

6. Reset Your Remote and Your Samsung TV To Fix Standby Light Flashing

What Causes The Samsung Smart TV Remote Control Red Light Blinking

Resetting (soft reset) your remote can resolve lingering issues. This may fix your Samsung TV and remote from blinking red off and on.

Remote Power-cycling Steps

  • Remove batteries.
  • Press the power control button (minimum 20 seconds) to drain the residual power from the capacitors.
  • Reinstall batteries.
  • Click on the remote to test.

Samsung TV Power-cycling Steps

  • Unplug from the outlet/power source.
  • Press the power button and hold for a minute (the same process to drain capacitors).
  • Re-connect to the power source.
  • Click on the television.
  • Test remote to TV function.

Power-cycling your remote and television is the first step. However, you may need a factory reset to fix your problem. Remember, a factory reset removes your personalized setting and requires relaunching your apps.

How to Fix a Samsung LED TV Red Light Blinking

It’s vital to establish the problem correctly. We need to determine if our blinking red light is from a hardware or software malfunction. 

1. Simple Spot Check

  1. Turn your TV on. Next, look at the ‘standby’ light on your television located in the right-hand bottom corner.
  2. If the light’s on, press the ‘Power’ button on the remote to test if the LED switches off (look for the Power button on the back of your television).
  3. If your power supply connects to your television, it means it turns off and on.
  4. To test your screen, tap lightly on its surface, and it will blink if working correctly.
  5. If the screen fails to come on or the LED doesn’t switch off, the problem may involve your remote, power supply, or screen. 
  6. A screen problem is also called a ‘black screen,” where you have sound but no picture.

2. Bad Power Source

Blinking red lights on Samsung Smart TVs is a common cause of disruptions in faulty electricity flow powering your television or connected components.

Electrical surges can damage electrical devices. The problem typically involves a power cord, the power board inside your television, the LED backlight strip, or the electrical current in your home.

3. A Faulty HDMI

An HDMI connection cord may disrupt the process. So game console designers created a unique system designed to work with Smart TV technology. 

You switch on your game consoles, and your TV automatically powers up—this is the Anynet+Ⓡ (HDMI-CEC) feature.

A television may not work when the console powers on simultaneously. One of the leading causes is that the televisions connect to the same input as your gaming devices. 

The Smart Tech won’t allow your television to turn on when this crossover happens unless the console is turning on too.

To rectify this doubling up when connecting the family gaming station, Blu-ray, or laptop with an HDMI cable, we need to power up those devices in unison.

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cord to verify it fixes the blinking light problem.
  2. Reconnect HDMI once the television functions as normal.
  3. If the red light blinks, switch the source.
  4. Or go to Settings and disable Anynet+ (Settings, scroll to General, click on External Device Manager).

Tip: Replacing an outdated HDMI cable may help.

Why is My Samsung Smart TV Red Light Blinking On and Off?

A red light blinking ‘on and off’ signals the device is trying to connect but isn’t able to. This faulty connection could be due to your cable, so consider replacing it.

On and Off Solution

We’ve already touched on common problems, like a faulty remote or an HDMI setting problem.

It may also mean your television is compromised. You may want to consult your warranty for replacement options.

What Causes a Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 7 Times?

What Causes a Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 7 Times

When the red light flashes seven times on your Samsung TV, it is possible that it receives too much or too little electric power to work correctly. 

Common Power Surges Causes and Solution

  • Powerful storms or old faulty wiring.
  • A blinking red light signals a problem with the electricity affecting your Samsung Smart television.
  • The remote is trying to communicate with your television.
  • A damaged power board or a backlight LED malfunction.

Resetting the TV should fix the problem.

What Does It Mean When My Samsung Smart TV Red Light Blinks 3 Times?

When the red light blinks 3 times on your Samsung Smart TV, you must establish the power source connection. 

Power Source Reconfiguration Solution

Simply unplug the wall socket and let your TV sit for several minutes. Rest may clear the capacitors and reset internal components back to their proper setting.

How to Fix a Samsung TV Red Light Blinking And Remote Not Working

This constant blinking may be directly related to the power surges or dead batteries. 

Remote Testing

  • Follow the steps outlined above.
  • This outline should address why the remote control isn’t working. 

Why is My Samsung TV Red Light Blinking 2 Times or 6 Times?

When the red light on the Samsung TV flashes red, it signals a problem. Unfortunately, one of those problems may be capacitors.

What Are Capacitors?

  • Capacitors look a bit like shotgun shells (inside television).
  • They’re inexpensive but vital in storing and releasing electricity.
  • Swollen or damaged capacitors may be causing the blinking light signal on your television.
  • Power surges cause swollen capacitors and disturb your television’s standard functioning.

Tip: Invest in surge protectors. 

How to Fix a Samsung 40-inch Smart TV With Red Light Blinking

Did resetting your Samsung Smart TV when red lights flash five times off and on not produce results?. If you were unsuccessful after trying  the universal tips in this article to fix your Samsung 40-inch Smart TV, you may have to contact a repair expert


Blinking red lights means a disruption in communication or a power glitch. If you tried the tips outlined without success, consult a how-to video; you may have missed a vital step. Or call a repair expert.

Thousands of others have experienced the same difficulties with Samsung Smart TVs with red lights blinking. 

Power outages and misuse can eventually cause your devices to break down. So remember that regular maintenance is a great way to prolong their lifespan.


Fixing your television can be costly. So here are a few additional answers to the questions you may have.

What’s a soft reset?

A soft reset simply resets the essential functions. It simply shuts down the TV entirely and reboots it. To do this, hold the power button until the TV processes, then hit power again.

What’s a hard reset?

A hard or factory reset returns all the functions to their original state or default settings. It will remove any personal settings. Go to Settings, select General, enter pin (default pin 0000) and reset.

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