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iPhone 12 Won’t Turn On

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iPhone 12 Won’t Turn On

iPhone 12 Pro Max Won’t Turn On. Find the Solution Here

Why Won’t My iPhone 12 Pro Max Turn On?

What are the possible causes of my iPhone 12 Pro not turning on? 

If you’ve not seen any previous signs of your iPhone failing, the issue might be as simple as a dead battery. This could be due to charging malfunctions that we will examine below:

1. Examine Your Connections

First, go through the following checklist: 

  • When was the last time you charged your iPhone? 
  • Is the charger detached from the wall socket? 
  • Is the power supply switched on?

2. Remove Dust and Dirt in USB Terminal

Ensure no debris, dust, or other muck is clogging up the USB terminal on your power cord or the lightning connector on your iPhone.

Keep in mind that the connections are fragile, so don’t stick objects like toothpicks or Q-tips down the terminal, as this could cause even more damage. A can of pressurized air is ideal for clearing dirt from ports.

3. Cable Troubleshooting

If the iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t turn on, you should inspect two things: the charging cable and the wall adapter. The power cord is the most frequent charging issue. Each of these things has the potential to harm the wire.

If you have several charging cords, try using another one to see if it will charge your phone. If you don’t have an extra cable to do the testing, borrow one before proceeding to the next step.

4. Restore Your iPhone Factory Settings

Your iPhone may power on but fail to get through the startup phase to your main screen. A custom ROM or a corrupted upgrade may be at fault. 

You can restore your iPhone to the original factory settings, but be aware that reconfiguring your iPhone will erase everything on it. It’s best to perform frequent backups of your iPhone so your information, pictures, texts, and media are stored in the Cloud.

In Settings, select: General, then Reset, and finally, Erase or Settings and Content.

5. Examine the Screen

A damaged screen might create the appearance that there is no power even though it is fully charged and powered on. Dial yourself from some other smartphone to determine if screen damage is the problem. If your iPhone rings or vibrates, it means your screen has broken. 

Remember that you may change the screen, but doing so will invalidate your warranties.

I Just Updated My iPhone and It Won’t Turn On

Except for liquid or physical damage, here are the most common fixes for why your iPhone won’t turn on after an update:

1. Recharge the Battery

The upgrading procedure may deplete the battery. A lot must occur behind the scenes to restore normalcy after updating, which will drain power. To avoid losing power, plug your phone in during the updating process. 

2. Hard Restart to Remove Corrupt Data 

Software errors can create various iPhone 12 Pro Max issues. In most cases, a hard restart (also called a force reboot) can assist in removing the corrupted data bits.

How to force-restart iPhone 12? It’s actually very simple. Press and release the volume up and then the volume down buttons. Then, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.  

3. Contact Apple Support

When anything is awry in an iOS update, the software breaks and the phone refuses to turn on. Your iPhone could become stuck on the Apple logo screen or the spinning wheel from time to time.

In this case, contacting Apple Support or taking your phone to a local Apple store may be the best and quickest way to solve the problem. 

When I Plug My iPhone Into the Computer, Nothing Happens

You may encounter an “0xE” or an undefined error when you use a USB wired connection to your computer, and it doesn’t detect your iPhone.

Solutions for iPhone 12 Pro Max Computer Errors

  • Check that your iOS gadget is on, unlocked, and on the Start screen.
  • Verify that your Windows PC or Mac runs on the most recent software. If you use iTunes, ensure it’s the most current edition.
  • Unlock your smartphone and tap Trust if you get a Trust this Computer notice. Find out what’s next if you can’t remember your pin.
  • Disconnect all USB devices, excluding your phone from your PC. Test each USB connection to check whether one of them works. Then try another Apple USB cord.
  • Reboot both your PC and your iPhone.

Dropped iPhone Won’t Turn On or Charge

Your fallen iPhone may not switch on as a hardware fault prevents it from powering on, or software has crashed and requires resetting. Here are some other solutions. 

Charge the Battery

How to power on iPhone 12? Connect your charger and wait 40 mins to ensure your phone has enough charge to start. Try differing chargers to eliminate cable problems as well.

Perform a Force Restart

If this is an issue triggered by a firmware malfunction, a force restart will fix it. A force restart replicates the battery’s extraction, cleansing your phone’s memory and restarting its programs and services.

Perform a DFU Mode Restore

To rule out an application problem on your iPhone, conduct a DFU mode restore. If erroneous software modifications cause the issue, the device can reload the original firmware for the components and return the app to its initial configuration.

iPhone 12 Randomly Shut Off and Won’t Turn Back On

Due to extreme temperatures, system flaws, faults picked up through regular use, or water damage, your phone’s random shut down is imminent. Furthermore, low battery conditions may shut down iPhone 12.

Solutions for iPhone That Shuts Off and Won’t Turn Back On

Below are the possible ways of reviving your iPhone 12:

  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • If a forced reboot does not work, charge your device.
  • When the internal temperature of your iPhone rises, it becomes useless or shuts off. After it has cooled, turn it back on.
  • You might update your device through your computer.
  • Restore all phone settings 
  • Examine for water damage.
  • Set up in DFU mode or complete erase
  • Contact Apple Support.

How To Reboot iPhone 12 Pro Max When Frozen

When an iPhone 12 begins to perform poorly or slow, you can anticipate the firmware to be the issue. It’s something you could remedy with one or two techniques.

Solutions for Frozen iPhone 12 That Won’t Turn Off:

If your iPhone 12 Pro Max is frozen, do the following:

  • Close any running applications.
  • Reboot your iPhone.
  • Reset your device’s settings.
  • Restore your iPhone’s factory settings.

My New iPhone 12 Pro Max Won’t Turn On

If your iPhone 12 Pro Max isn’t working even after pushing the power button, you might try forcing it to restart to see if that helps.

Force Restart

How to force restart on iPhone 12? Hold the Volume Down and Up buttons, then the Side button, until the Apple logo displays on the touchscreen.

If your iPhone Pro max still does not boot up after completing the procedures outlined, you need to get it to your local Apple repair facility. If your device is within the warranty period, you may have it fixed at authorized Apple service facilities or Apple stores. Because the gadget is still under warranty, Apple will replace or repair it at no cost.


Below are the frequently asked questions about iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Is the iPhone 12 water-resistant?

The Apple iPhone 12 is, indeed, water-resistant.

Why won’t my iPhone 12 turn off?

If you can’t switch off iPhone 12, It could be a button on your iPhone 12 is not working.

How can I unfreeze iPhone 12?

Press and release the volume up button, then hold and release the volume down button, followed by the side button. Unhold the button when you see the Apple logo.

When is my iPhone 12 Pro Max battery completely dead?

If the battery level doesn’t appear, hold the “Home” key. If the charge is meager, a picture of an empty cell with a little red indicator to the left will appear.

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