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Apple Watch Keeps Showing the Apple Logo

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Apple Watch Keeps Showing the Apple Logo

My Apple Watch Keeps Showing the Apple Logo. What To Do? 

Why does your Apple watch blink the Apple logo? This frustrating error could be due to an update or your watch taking a while to boot up. 

To rule out the latter, wait a bit to see if the problem alleviates itself. A few minutes is typically long enough to know it isn’t a slow startup. We’ll cover the update scenarios below. 

So, how do we address the blinking logo? Let’s look at a couple of possible solutions to this problem with your Apple Watch. 

1. Hard Reset

You can hard reset your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the Digital Crown and Side button. Hold each down until the Apple logo appears again, and then let go. This solution is the most common for issues with your Apple Watch. 

2. Find My Apple Watch 

If the hard reset doesn’t work, you can try using the Find My Apple Watch app. Apple designed this feature to help you find your Apple devices; however, you can also use it to alleviate glitches. 

Once you’ve opened the app, select your Apple Watch from the list of locatable devices. You’ll need to log in to your Apple ID to complete this process. Once you’ve signed in, select Play Sound. It may take multiple attempts to reset your watch, so allow for some time between attempts.  

3. Erase Apple Watch Data 

Even if the Find Apple Watch option works, you may want to consider erasing your Apple Watch data to help resolve any software issues. Always back up your device’s data before trying this step. 

You can do this on your Apple Watch by going to Settings and selecting the following prompts: 

  • General 
  • Reset 
  • Erase all Content and Settings

Then, you’ll enter your passcode and select “Erase all” again. After that, your Apple Watch will begin resetting, and you’ll need to complete the device’s setup steps again. 

4. Contact Apple 

If the problem persists after each step, we may need to admit that the at-home solutions aren’t suitable for your Apple Watch’s particular situation. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to contact Apple support. 

Apple Watch Series 1 Won’t Take Charge; Apple Logo Blinks Slowly

If your Apple Watch Series 1 is slowly blinking the Apple logo, your watch may not be holding charge. 

Try Charging Your Watch

One way to check if your watch is charging is to plug it into the charger. I know this seems simple, but try it on multiple chargers. It’s best to eliminate oversight before attempting more complex solutions. 

If it can charge, it will show a green lightning bolt. If not, the problem may be that your watch isn’t holding a charge. If that is the case, contact Apple Support. 

Try a Hard Reset

You can use a hard reset to solve the blinking issue, too. Follow the steps in the solution section above.  

Check the Software Version

When Apple devices update, it will list solutions for previous issues. Check these to see if you can address the problem. If an update is available in the settings app, download and install the latest version. This solution frequently resolves the issue. 

Erase the Apple Watch Data

If all else fails, erase the data and start over. Follow the steps above if you are trying this solution. Remember to back up your data before beginning the process. 

Apple Watch Series 1 Won’t Charge; Apple Logo Blinks Slowly – Circle with Exclamation 

Sometimes, Apple Watch users have seen a red exclamation mark after attempting to start their watch. A battery issue can cause this problem. 

Try charging the watch. If you don’t see the green lightning bolt, consult with Apple Support. Most commonly, however, the red exclamation mark indicates that there is an update issue. 

Bring It Closer to the iPhone 

Apple recommends bringing your watch closer to the iPhone when the red exclamation mark appears. Moving it closer to the iPhone and double-clicking the side button will prompt the update process to begin on your phone. 

The Hard Reset

You’ll need to perform the hard reset if this process doesn’t work. The hard reset is the most common solution. See above for the hard reset’s steps. 

Apple Watch Stuck in Boot Loop

Sometimes, after either a reset or reboot, the Apple Watch will enter the boot loop. The boot loop is a process of the watch restarting over and over again. So if you’ve just restarted your watch, how can you set it back up if it won’t stop booting? Here are a few tips:

1. Force Restart Your iPhone 

In the boot loop, you’ll need to restart your iPhone. To do this, hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Restarting your phone can prevent the boot loop from continuing. 

2. Force Reset Your Apple Watch

Once again, you can try to reset your watch. 

3. Try Disabling the App Notifications

Sometimes, certain apps have been known to cause issues with your Apple Watch.  Disabling these notifications may resolve the issue. Go through your apps individually to see if you can pinpoint the problem. 

4. Unpair the Watch

Don’t fear losing your data. When you unpair your watch, Apple automatically creates a backup. To unpair, go to: 

  • My Watch
  • All Watches 
  • Info
  • Unpair Apple Watch

If the problem persists, contact Apple Support. 


If your Apple watch blinks Apple logo, whether accompanied by an exclamation mark or a loop, you can resolve it at home by trying several solutions. 

Generally, the most common solutions to Apple Watch’s Apple logo problems are charging the watch, attempting a hard reset, and updating the software. But, of course, contacting Apple Support will help if all else fails. 


Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding Apple Watch technical issues. 

Will I lose my data if I hard reset Apple Watch? 

It is possible. Always make sure to backup your data before a hard reset. 

Will I lose my data if I hard reset Apple Watch? 

No. Apple automatically backs up your data if you unpair your watch. 

Are the at-home solutions complicated? 

No. Most at-home solutions involve using an easily accessible app on your iPhone or pressing buttons on your Apple Watch. You’ll need to contact Apple Support if the problem is more complicated. 

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