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Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

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Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

Samsung televisions are among the most popular in the world, landing Samsung 16 consecutive years as the leading global manufacturer. But there are plenty of issues that users encounter, particularly with their remote. What do you do if you find your Samsung TV remote blinking red, and how can you fix the problem?

If you’re wondering how to fix your Samsung TV remote not working with a blinking red light, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to address your Samsung smart TV remote’s blinking red light. Be sure to stick around after for a brief FAQ section!

Samsung TV Remote Not Working Blinking Red Light

Multiple issues could cause your remote to blink. Sometimes, you can troubleshoot by looking at the Samsung TV remote’s blinking red light codes. These codes will tell you what’s wrong so you can fix the issue quickly.

In other situations, a code may not appear. Here are the most common problems and the quickest ways to fix the red blinking light on your Samsung TV remote.

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red 2
Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red – What to do

Rusty Battery Compartment

The first thing you should do is open the battery compartment of your remote. If your Samsung 75-inch’s TV remote has a blinking red light, you may have an issue with the batteries.

The most obvious damage is corrosion or rust. Rust occurs when water or moist air interacts with some metals. It’s possible for the battery compartment of your remote to rust.

If the metal rusts, your remote may fail to function. Severe rust is also dangerous due to possible corrosion. Rust can also scratch the batteries, which can cause a fire hazard.

Should you find your Samsung QLED TV remote with a blinking red light, rust is a likely cause. The disconnected batteries may cause the remote to turn off and on, causing the light to blink.

Change the Batteries

Another battery-related option is that the batteries are running low. Remotes use a small amount of energy when operating. Sometimes, batteries that died in another device, such as a handheld radio, can last for months in a remote.

However, batteries will eventually die and the remote will need new batteries. If your Samsung bn59-01241a TV remote’s red light is blinking, the batteries are close to dying. Remove the batteries and replace them with fresh or relatively-fresh batteries.

Keep the Remote in TV Range

The remote does not have an unlimited range. You’ll need to stay within a certain range to ensure that your remote is still working. If your Samsung 00007 remote for the TV is blinking red, you may have left the remote’s range.

Move closer to the television to ensure you’re within range. If the television is too far away, you may need to rearrange your furniture.

If your Samsung Frame TV’s remote is blinking red, you can also consider moving the television closer. Doing so can prevent you from having to move heavy furniture. Make sure that you aren’t sitting too close to the television.

Remove Dirt Pieces on IR Sensor

Remotes work off of an infrared sensor, or IR sensor. These sensors transmit signals to an IR reader (or receiver) in the television.

If these sensors are disrupted for any reason, your television remote may fail to function. If your Samsung TV’s QN55Q8FN remote is not working with a blinking red light, the sensor may have dirt or dust on the cover.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the sensor and remove any dirt or dust. You should repeat this process for both the remote and the television’s sensors.

Once you’ve cleaned the sensors, try to use the remote again. If you find that the remote still isn’t functioning properly, you may have a more difficult problem.

If your Samsung TV remote is blinking red but only the power button works, the sensor is not the issue. Your remote is still able to transfer the signal from the power button. That means that a signal is still getting through.

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

Re-Pair Remote with Your Smart TV

If your Samsung TV is not turning on and a red light is blinking on your remote, the remote may need re-pairing. To be clear, this isn’t “re-pairing” as in repairs.

Wireless devices are paired to each other to ensure a strong signal. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless systems use pairing. Your remote is paired to your television when functioning properly.

Look at your remote’s blinking red light. If your Samsung TV remote is blinking red twice, that means that it’s become unpaired. It also may mean that your batteries are dead, so check the batteries first!

To re-pair your remote, move closer to the sensor on your television. For many Samsung devices, the remote sensor is either directly in the bottom center or on the lower right-hand side.

Hold down the Return and Play/Pause buttons. You should hold these buttons for at least 3 seconds. Doing this process will begin the synchronization process between the two.

Hold the Up and Back Button All Together for Ten Seconds

Remotes may not seem like a device you could turn off and on. You can reboot your remote with a brief process by holding the following buttons down.

Hold the Up and Back button down for 10 seconds. Your remote may start blinking rapidly, indicating that it’s begun the process. If your Samsung curved TV’s remote has a blinking red light for the NU7300 model, this process is a quick and easy fix.

Stuck Buttons of Samsung TV Remote

If you’re wondering how to fix the blinking red light on your Samsung TV remote, you may have stuck buttons. Buttons may stick from wear and tear, dirt, or something spilled in the remote. If you spill a soda or sugary drink on the remote, buttons may stick, for example.

If you have a Samsung UHD TV remote with a blinking red light, stuck buttons are a common problem. Consider taking the cover off of your remote and cleaning the device thoroughly. Doing so can help remove any dirt, dust, or detritus causing the buttons to stick.

Factory Reset Samsung TV

If your Samsung smart TV remote is not working but a red light is not blinking, your remote is not the cause. Rather, your television is failing to read the signal properly.

You can fix this problem with a factory reset to your Samsung TV. Navigate to the general settings and select the Factory Reset. Confirm that you wish to complete this process.

You should look through your settings and write down any changes that you’ll want to keep. A factory reset will put all of your settings back to their original default. You’ll need to manually change your settings back to your preferences.

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red and what to do
Changing batteries to resolve Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red Only Power Button Works

If your remote still partially works, you may wonder, “why does my Samsung TV remote keep blinking red?” Several issues may cause this problem. Here are the most common causes and the fixes to stop your remote from malfunctioning.

Distortion in Remote Signals Due to Other Infrared Device’s Signals

The signals that transfer between your television and remote are not perfect. You may experience disruption to the signals if you use too many wireless devices.

These wireless signals can become “tangled,” in a sense. The signals will interfere with each other, weakening them and stopping them from reaching their destination.

If you have a surplus of wireless devices near your television, consider deactivating them. You may find your remote working properly with the other devices removed.

TV Unable to Catch Remote Signals

Is your Samsung 43-inch Smart TV’s remote not working with a red light blinking? Your television could cause the problem.

Instead of your remote not sending a strong signal, it may mean that your television isn’t receiving properly. Move to the television and clear off any dust from the sensor. You should also consider a factory reset to remove any software glitches.

Another possible option is to use a different remote. See if your television responds to a separate remote. If the television works fine with a secondary device, you can use that remote instead and discard the other one.

Disconnect Your TV from External Hardware

External hardware can cause interference and issues with electronics. If you’re using a separate media player, such as a gaming console, disconnect it for a moment.

With the media player disconnected, attempt to use the remote again. If your television is now working properly, you can surmise that the console was causing interference.

However, many may use their television solely for a media player or gaming console. In this situation, you should seek other fixes rather than disconnecting your player.

Hold Home Button for 3 Seconds

Your remote may need power-cycling to restart. A small software glitch could cause your remote to fail to function. Resetting or restarting the remote will end whatever glitch it’s stuck in.

Hold the home button down for 3 seconds. Doing so will cause your remote to softly reset itself. Once this process is done, your remote should function properly.

Remote Touch Pad Defect

If your remote has a touch pad, you may have issues with the touch screen. If your Samsung Frame TV remote is not working with a blinking red light, the touch screen could cause the problem.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to replace the remote. You can also contact Samsung’s customer service and see if they’ll replace a defective remote.

Samsung TV Remote Red Light Blinking Five Times

The most common explanation for a remote blinking five times is that you have an issue with the hardware in your television. Most commonly, this hardware issue is isolated to your mainboard or backlight LEDs.

In this situation, you’ll need to seek repairs. Consider contact Samsung’s customer service to see if there’s a warranty or recall for your television. They also may dispatch their technicians to look into your television’s issue.

Repairing Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red

Troubleshooting Your Samsung TV Remote Blinking Red Light

If your Samsung TV remote is blinking red, check the batteries first and clean the sensor. Afterward, hold the Home button down for a soft reset and consider re-pairing your remote to your television. If the issues remain, consider contacting customer support to receive help with your remote’s problem.

For more information on your favorite home gadgets, be sure to browse our blog. Keep reading for a brief FAQ section that answers your remaining questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

But why is the Samsung remote blinking red when you’re trying to turn on the TV? If you’re still wondering how to fix issues with your remote control, this FAQ is for you! Read on for the six most frequently asked questions pertaining televisions.

Can spray cleaners be used to clean TV remote impurities?

Yes, you can use spray cleaners to clean your remote. Compressed air can help get dust or dirt out of the spaces between buttons.

Do not use any spray cleaners that leave behind liquid or chemicals. These substances will damage and potentially ruin your remote control.

How can dust particles from the remote be removed?

Use compressed air to blow dust out of the interior of the remote. You can also take the remote apart if you’re comfortable putting it back together afterward.

Can smart phones be used as Samsung TV remotes?

Some applications or smart televisions let you use your smartphone as a remote. The Samsung Smart Things application is an example of such an app. If you’re wondering, “Why does my Samsung TV’s remote keep blinking red,” it may mean you should switch to your television.

Devices like Radio can be the reason for TV remote signal distortion?

Yes, radios can interfere with your television remote. Any wireless signal can interfere with another wireless signal.

What does it mean when a TV won’t turn on but has a red standby light?

The most likely explanation is that your remote’s power button is failing to function. Consider changing the batteries or using the manual buttons on the television.

How do you reset a Samsung smart TV to factory settings without the remote?

You can use the buttons on the side of a television to accomplish anything your remote does. Use these buttons to navigate to General Settings and select a factory reset.

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