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Home » Samsung Smart TV Screensaver Keeps Coming On: Easy Fixes

Samsung Smart TV Screensaver Keeps Coming On: Easy Fixes

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samsung smart tv screensaver keeps coming on

Samsung Smart TV Screensaver Keeps Coming On: Easy Fixes

Samsung televisions are exceptionally popular, but many users report having issues with the televisions. One common problem is that the Samsung smart TV screensaver keeps coming on. There are several causes of this issue, all of which are easy to fix! If you’re having issues with your Samsung TV screensaver, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to turn on a screensaver on a Samsung smart TV, as well as how to get rid of the feature.

Does a Samsung TV Have a Screensaver?

Yes, Samsung televisions have screensavers. Additionally, you can change the screensaver by using the Ambient Mode feature. Under the Ambient Mode settings, you can select the template you’d prefer. You can complete this task with your TV remote or through the SmartThings app.

What Causes Samsung Smart TV Keep Screensaver Coming On

What Causes Samsung Smart TV Screensaver To Keep Coming On?

One of the main reasons you may find the screensaver coming on repeatedly is that you’ve set your television to a timer. You can use parental controls to set the television to only work for a set number of hours a day. Doing so prevents kids from watching television for too long.

You may also have a software glitch that automatically activates Ambient Mode. Other software glitches can cause similar issues.

The Ambient Mode has multiple features that turn your television from viewing entertainment to ambient entertainment. You can use a black screen saver to put the television in sleep mode, a galaxy screensaver for space ambiance, and more.

You can also use a Samsung wallpaper for TV when activated in Samsung ambient mode. Play around with the settings until you find something you like!

Samsung Smart TV Screensaver Keeps Coming On: Easy Fixes

Though the problem is frustrating, it’s an easy fix. Your Samsung smart TV can have several minor issues that cause the screensaver to come on. Here are seven of the quickest fixes.

Method 1: Disable Screensaver on Samsung TV

One of the fastest ways to fix the problem is to disable the screensaver feature. By disabling it, you ensure that your television will not start using the feature at random.

The quickest way is to turn off Samsung Ambient Mode. To disable the screensaver, navigate to Ambient Mode and turn the feature off. You can also go to Display or General Settings, depending on your Samsung television model.

Disable Sleep Timer on Smart TV

Method 2: Disable Sleep Timer on Smart TV

Another feature that can cause the screensaver to come on is the sleep timer. The sleep timer is used to set an amount of time until the television goes idle.

The feature is best for people that enjoy falling asleep to television. It’s also great for helping children fall asleep to their favorite show. Using the sleep timer feature, you can prevent the television from being on all night.

You can disable the sleep timer in your settings. From the settings of your Samsung TV, turn off screen timeout to ensure it won’t go idle. Doing so should fix your screensaver issue.

Method 3: Disconnect the Receiver Box

Issues with your receiver box can cause the television to go to sleep at random times. When this issue occurs, you may frequently find the television reverting to its screensaver.

The fix for this is as simple as disconnecting the receiver box. Disconnect it from the television and see if the problem continues. If this fix solves the problem, consider replacing the receiver box.

Method 4: Switch Video Player

The receiver box isn’t the only external device that could cause issues with your screensaver. Another culprit is the video player.

If you’re using an external device like a gaming console, Blu-Ray player, or something similar, try disconnecting them. Once disconnected, attempt to use the television as usual and see if the problem persists.

If the problem continues, you can safely say that the external device wasn’t the issue.

Switch Smart TV Picture Mode

Method 5: Switch Smart TV Picture Mode

If your Samsung smart TV screensaver keeps coming on while watching TV, you may have an issue with your picture mode. Some picture modes can cause software glitches. While exceptionally uncommon, it’s also far from unheard of.

Consider changing your smart TV picture mode to see if it helps with the issue. If not, you may have another, more complex software glitch at hand.

Method 6: Update Firmware

Another common issue is that your firmware is out of date. Always ensure you’ve downloaded all updates, as these fix bugs and common software glitches.

Navigate to your General settings and see if you have an update pending. Completing this update should keep you from having to turn off the screensaver on your Samsung TV.

A lack of updates can cause several compatibility and dependency issues in your software. When these issues arise, software glitches are more common. Keep your television updated for the best performance.

Method 7: Factory Reset

Finally, if you find your television continuing to struggle, you can perform a factory reset. A factory reset will set your device back to its defaults.

Unfortunately, this means it will also change your settings. Take note of your changes, so you can quickly set the television back to your preferences.

To factory reset your television, navigate to your General settings and select the option. Confirm and then wait a few moments, as the process can take several minutes. Once complete, set your television up as you originally did.

If this fix fails to solve the issue, seek professional help or contact customer support.

Samsung Phone Screen Turns On Automatically

Your smartphone has different hardware, software, and equipment from your television. Because of this, the fixes that work for television may not work for a phone.

Most software glitches are fixable with a hard reset. For a Samsung phone, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for 7-10 seconds. Doing so will force your phone to shut down and restart.

If this fix doesn’t solve the problem, consider taking your phone to Samsung customer service representatives.

Do you really need a screensaver

Do You Really Need a Screensaver?

Screensavers were originally meant to prevent wear and tear on the physical end of televisions. The name comes from the feature quite literally saves your screen’s life.

Nowadays, the screensaver has become largely obsolete. You do not need a screensaver, but they often add room ambiance when the television isn’t in use. They can also help you cut down on your electricity bill.

Why Does the Samsung Screensaver Come On During Watching Anything?

Most often, this problem stems from the cable box. Consider detaching the cable box and see if the issue still occurs while using the television for other means.

Of course, for many users, the cable box is an integral part of the viewing experience. You may not be able to remove a cable box and still enjoy your television.

You should contact your cable provider and ask for a new box if this is the case. Should the issue remain, a software issue in your television is likely the cause. Contact Samsung customer support to discuss and troubleshoot the issue.


If your Samsung smart TV screensaver keeps coming on, the problem is frustrating and detrimental to your viewing experience. Consider detaching the cable box and performing a hard restart to solve software issues. If the problem continues, contact Samsung customer service. For more information on your favorite home technology, be sure to browse our site. If you have any remaining questions, keep reading for a quick FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my TV from going to the screensaver?

The best way to stop your television from going to screensaver is to disable Ambient Mode. You can also disable sleep timer functions in case this is your issue.

Why does my Samsung TV have a screensaver?

Screensavers are a now-obsolete relic from older models of television. Previously, keeping the screen on could burn an image into the screen, which could ruin a television.
Now, technology is past such issues. The screensaver remains now to help save energy and increase the ambiance.

Why does my Samsung TV keep turning on by itself?

These issues are almost always the result of a software glitch. The best way to get rid of the problem is to perform a factory reset or hard restart. If the issue continues, consider contacting customer support.

What triggers screen saver?

The Ambient Mode usually triggers the screensaver on a Samsung television. Sleep timers are also frequent culprits in triggering the screensaver.

How do I turn off the power saver on Samsung smart TV?

To disable the Power Save feature, navigate to your television’s settings. Locate the Power Saver feature and confirm that you wish to disable the setting.

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