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Is the Samsung smart TV not working? Find solutions here

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samsung smart tv not working

Is the Samsung smart TV not working? Find solutions here

Samsung is well-known for making high-quality and reliable TVs. But these TVs still run into issues sometimes. Internet connection failure is the most common cause of Smart TV issues. The system might also be affected by glitches, low memory, or inadequate power. 

If your Samsung Smart TV is not working, this guide will help you troubleshoot it quickly. To learn more about the common issues and solutions, keep reading.

Samsung smart TV Not Working: Common Issues

If your Samsung smart TV is not working, you can try several methods to fix it. The first step to Samsung TV troubleshooting is to figure out what is causing the problem.

1. App is not working on Samsung smart TV

Sometimes, apps on Samsung TVs stop working correctly. For example, while trying to open an app, it keeps crashing or doesn’t launch at all. In that case, you can try different methods to troubleshoot the issue.

First, try giving your TV a cold boot. A cold boot is similar to a restart, as it shuts down the device and reboots it. Usually, it solves issues with apps, pictures, menu glitches, etc. 

You can perform a cold boot in two ways:

  1. With a remote: Press the Power button on the remote control till the TV turns off and on again. 
  2. Without a remote: Unplug your TV from the power outlet and keep it unplugged for 30 seconds. Then, plug it in again and turn the TV on.

You can check for updates and firmware updates if cold booting the TV doesn’t work.

To check for an app update:

  1. Press the Smart Hub option and go to Featured.
  2. Find out the App you’re having issues with and then press and hold down the Enter option.
  3. In the Sub Menu, go to the Update Apps option.
  4. Select the App you want to update.
  5. Choose Update and wait for the download to complete. 

If the app still doesn’t work, it may be that the TV’s firmware isn’t compatible. So, you need to update the firmware. 

  1. Go to Settings> Support.
  2. Go to Software Update.
  3. Select the Update Now option.
  4. While checking for updates, the TV will download them automatically if any are available updates.
  5. After downloading, install the firmware updates.  
  6. You should cold reboot your TV after installing the app or firmware update.

Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You can fix the issues you’re experiencing with that application by doing this. 

To reinstall an app on the Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote and select Apps.
  2. Next, go to the Settings option.
  3. Next, navigate to the app you need to reinstall.
  4. Select the Delete option. 
  5. If the Delete option isn’t available, select the reinstall option. 
  6. Press the Return button on your remote.
  7. Choose the Search icon.
  8. Type the name of the app you uninstalled and press enter.
  9. Select the app from the results page and choose Install. 
  10. Launch the app after reinstalling and sign in using your login information.
Samsung TV only shows a black screen

2. Samsung TV only shows a black screen

Usually, Samsung TVs show a black screen because of a defective connection with a video device or a Set Top Box connected to the TV. You can try connecting with another device or using another Source port. Check the cable to see if it’s working, and replace it if necessary. 

To check the HDMI cable:

  1. Set the TV source to the HDMI cable you need testing.
  2. Select Menu and go to Settings.
  3. Select Support> Self-Diagnosis> signal Information.
  4. Select the HDMI cable and start testing. 

The issue can, however, be caused by the power supply if no devices are connected to your TV. If the damaged capacitor is bloated or leaking, you will know if you have a faulty one inside the TV. Professional repair is recommended if your capacitor is broken.

3. Samsung TV flickers when in use

You can use several methods to fix a flickering Samsung TV screen. A cold reboot will first relieve the TV from processing pressure and allow it to start from scratch. However, a damaged jumper in the TV power supply can cause flickering even after a cold reboot. You should then hire professionals for the repair.  

4. Samsung TV has no sound

First, check whether the TV is on mute or the volume is down to 0. Then, press the Mute button on the remote on and off to confirm. 

Make sure the cables and external sources are not damaged or unsecured. Next, check whether the TV is paired with a speaker or Bluetooth headset. Finally, go to the Audio settings and unpair it.

If there’s still no sound, consider doing a cold reboot.

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Sound option.
  3. Select Reset, then click Yes to confirm. 
Smart Hub does not display any apps

5. Smart Hub does not display any apps

There might be an update for this app for your Samsung Smart Hub if it doesn’t show the app you’re looking for. If there are any updates, install them.  

Try switching your TV to the original settings if your app is missing.

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on the remote. (For older models, press the Home or Menu button.)
  2. Once it loads, press the following buttons: Fast Forward, 2,8, 9, and Rewind. 
  3. Under the Internet Service Location, choose the country you want to use.
  4. Select Agree to the terms and conditions. 
  5. Select Update. 
  6. The Smart Hub will now be updated and reset.

6. Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Sometimes smart TVs have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. Connecting via Ethernet is better and more stable, but it may be impractical in homes with a router far from the TV. 

First, check if other devices connect to the Internet as well. Then, disconnect one device from the network and see if the TV connects to the Wi-Fi. If that happens, then it means the network was jammed.  

You can try rebooting the Wi-Fi router and TV to clear out any glitches or bugs in the network. Then, after they’re rebooted, turn them on and try to connect to the Internet again. If the network is fully functional, yet the TV can’t connect, you should contact Samsung Customer Support. 

How to Reset Your Samsung Smart TV to Resolve Issues?

You can try several methods if you’re wondering how I reset my Samsung TV if it won’t turn on. First, you can cold boot your TV or factory reset it. Moreover, you can reset specific settings on the TV or factory reset everything. 

How to Cold Boot Your Samsung TV?

There are two ways to cold boot a Samsung TV:

  1. With a remote: Press and hold down the Power button on the remote control till the TV turns off and on again. The whole process takes about 5 seconds. 
  2. Without a remote: Unplug your TV from the power outlet or surge protector and keep it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Then, plug it in again and turn the TV on. 
How to Factory Reset Specific Settings on Your Samsung TV

How to Factory Reset Specific Settings on Your Samsung TV?

Whenever you have problems with a specific TV feature, such as picture, sound, or network, you can reset that feature without factory resetting the entire set.

To do a reset for specific settings:

  1. Open the Settings option.
  2. Go to the settings you want to reset, like Sound or Network. 
  3. Select the Expert Settings option.
  4. Scroll down and select Reset.  

How to Factory Reset Everything on Your Samsung TV?

To do a factory reset on your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Select Self Diagnosis.
  4. Select reset.
  5. If prompted for a PIN, enter the default PIN 0000. 
  6. To confirm the reset, select OK. 

The keyboard is not working on the smart Samsung YouTube app

To eliminate this issue, consider the following steps:

  1. Software update: If the TV software isn’t up to date, you need to update it. Go to Settings> Support> Software Update.
  2. Soft reset: Unplug your TV and hold the remote Power button for 15 seconds. Plug it back in and go to the YouTube app to check.
  3. Reinstall the app: Go to the YouTube app and hold the middle button on the remote. Select Delete and then Reinstall. 
Samsung tv problems turns on and off

Samsung TV problems turn on and off

If your Samsung Smart TV turns on and off repeatedly, there can be several reasons behind it. To fix this:

  1. Check the connected external devices and unplug the faulty device.
  2. Inspect the power cables, surge protector, remote control, etc., for damage and repair or replace them accordingly.
  3. Keep the software up to date and disable features like Eco Solution, Timer, Anynet+, etc.
  4. Disconnect the TV from the Internet if it’s causing interference.  
  5. Perform a soft reset or a factory reset if the problem persists. 

Samsung smart TV remote not working

The Samsung TV remote may not function due to a weak battery, a pairing issue, or a problem with the infrared sensor. If your remote isn’t working, try these methods:

  1. First, check the batteries on the remote and replace them if they lose power.
  2. Pair the Smart remote control with the Smart TV.
  3. Check for any interference or obstruction disrupting signals and remove them.
  4. Finally, look for any flash or light coming from the remote.  

Samsung smart TV volume is not working

If your Samsung Smart TV volume isn’t working, try these methods.

  1. Reset your Samsung TV Smart Hub.
  2. Delete some apps to free up memory.
  3. Only use your Samsung TV remote.
  4. Power cycle the TV for a soft reset.
  5. As a last resort, factory reset your TV. 
Samsung smart tv volume not working

Samsung TV smart hub is not working

An issue with the Internet connection or a software glitch may prevent Samsung TV Smart Hub from working. You can fix this issue by resetting the Smart Hub.

There are also several other methods you can try to resolve this:

  1. First, update the latest Samsung TV software. 
  2. Check and make sure of a stable Wi-Fi connection. 
  3. Remember to enter the correct PIN code while setting up Smart Hub.
  4. Finally, reset the Smart Hub to restart it. 

Samsung smart TV sound is not working

To resolve the problem of your Samsung TV sound not working:

  1. Increase the volume of the TV with a remote or using volume settings.
  2. Go to Settings> Support> Self Diagnosis> Sound Test for a sound test.
  3. Reset the sound setting by going to Settings> Sound> Expert Settings> Reset Sound.
  4. Update the TV software.
  5. Check the HDMI cable for damage and replace it if necessary.
  6. Reconnect the cable of the external device to avoid a loose connection.
  7. Set the Sound Output to the TV Speaker.
Samsung smart tv sound not working

Samsung smart TV remote not working red light blinking

When the Samsung Smart TV remote does not work and only flashes red, that indicates a problem with TV pairing or dead remote batteries. To troubleshoot your remote blinking red light:

  1. Pair your remote with the TV to function correctly.
  2. Replace the weak batteries with new ones.
  3. Use a different HDMI cable if you have a damaged or old one.
  4. Turn off your Samsung TV and turn it back on.
  5. Check for any obstruction between the remote and your TV.
  6. Look for any stuck buttons and repair them.
  7. Press the Power button to restart the remote control. 

You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you know how to troubleshoot your Samsung Smart TV that isn’t working. You can try different methods to fix problems with your Smart TV. For example, you can try updating the software, reinstalling the app, or resetting the Smart Hub. It is also possible to soft reset the TV or to reset specific settings. Of course, if nothing works, a factory reset will always fix your TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reboot a Samsung Smart TV?

You can do it by turning on the TV first. Then press and hold down the Power button on the remote till the TV turns off. To finish rebooting, turn on the TV. If you don’t have the Samsung remote, you can do it another way. Unplug your TV, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Finally, complete the reboot process by turning on your TV again. 

Why Samsung TV suddenly stopped working?

There are many reasons why your Samsung TV suddenly turns off, including the cable, outlet, or TV itself. So, you should ensure the cable is tightly plugged in, and the power outlet isn’t faulty. 

Does Samsung Smart TV have a reset button?

Samsung TV doesn’t have any physical reset button. However, through the Power button, you can reset the TV. Go to the Settings menu and select General. Choose Reset and enter the PIN (Default PIN is 0000). Select OK to finish the resetting process. 

How do I fix the black screen of death on my Samsung TV?

On Samsung TV, the black screen of death happens when the screen goes blank, but the backlight is still on. This is most commonly caused by the TV not receiving signals from the source device, whether a satellite receiver or cable box.  Several other causes of this problem include wrong input, weak TV signal, firmware updates, damage, or hardware problems. Troubleshooting steps include fixing the backlight issue, unplugging the TV, checking all HDMI connections, replacing the LED backlight strips or the motherboard, etc. 

Why is my Samsung TV not responding to the remote?

Samsung Smart TV remotes can stop working for a variety of reasons. For example, it may be due to a battery issue, a pairing issue, or an issue with the infrared sensor. There is even the possibility of the remote being physically damaged. Reset the remote control if you cannot control your TV with it. 

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