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Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]

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Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]

Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]

It’s always frustrating when your TV doesn’t cooperate. Problems caused by a Samsung TV remote with delayed volume are doubly stressful because you have to put up with sound levels that are either too low or disproportionately loud. 

So, what can you do to fix problems with a Samsung TV remote’s volume control? 

Samsung Remote Lagging 

How you fix a lagging Samsung remote depends on what’s causing the problem. But here’s a comprehensive list of steps to try. 

Remove the Blockage Between Remote and TV Receiver

If your Samsung TV is slow to respond to its remote, it could be because there’s a blockage between the remote and the TV receiver. 

Especially in the age of Apple TV and Roku, there’s a lot of electronic clutter around a TV. Something associated with the TV’s software may interfere with your remote’s ability to access the signal tower. 

To improve the strength of the remote’s connection to the TV, try rearranging the impedimenta surrounding your television. If your Samsung TV remote’s volume remains delayed, move on to the next step. 

Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]
Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed

Clean the Battery Contact Points

Another trick with a Samsung TV that has a slow response time is cleaning out the battery contact points. 

Especially with a smart remote that plugs into a charging port, we forget about the batteries. But if too much debris accrues between their contact points, they become increasingly less effective, leaving you with a volume-delayed remote. 

To clean the battery contact points, start by opening the remote. Depending on its make and model, you may need screws to open the cavity. Alternatively, you can potentially remove it by leveraging a finger between the cover and the declivity of the batteries. 

Once open, remove and set the batteries aside. Lightly sprinkle the contact points with baking soda and pour a moderate amount of water overtop. Let the remote sit for several minutes while the mixture takes effect. Then rinse the baking soda off. 

Dry thoroughly. Ensure the remote is completely dry before reinserting the batteries. 

Power Cycling (Unplugging And Reconnecting the TV)

If your Samsung TV is still slow to respond to its remote, your next step should be to power cycle the television. 

This is a more technical way of telling you to disconnect and reconnect the TV. Sometimes Smart TVs, like Samsung develop glitches if there are too many background apps running. 

Alternatively, they attempt to store more information than they can handle, and you start experiencing problems, like volume delay. 

Unplugging your TV helps fix this. For the best results, wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting your TV. 

Maintain the Range Of TV

Another trick to boost a Samsung Smart TV’s volume is to remember the range of your remote. 

One reason it can take longer than normal to boost or lower the volume is that you are farther away from the TV. 

Smart TVs and their remotes rely on relaying infrared signals back and forth. The farther you go from the TV, the harder this becomes, even without obstructions. 

So, before mucking around with your settings, try stepping closer to the TV. If the problem persists, you know the range isn’t the issue, and you can take more drastic action. 

Update TV Software 

If you have read this far, you’ve tried several quick and uncomplicated fixes for a Samsung remote with delayed volume. 

If nothing is working, navigate from your home screen to your TV’s settings. Once there, choose Support. 

Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]

If your Samsung TV needs updating, this is where you will see the option to start the process. 

Click on ‘Update Now.’ Keep in mind that updating your television may take several minutes. While it makes the update, you must leave the television on. You won’t be able to do anything with the TV until the update is complete. Depending on the extent of the update, it may require you to restart the television for the change to take effect. If this is necessary, a screen prompt will ask you to restart. Agreeing will restart the television. 

Factory Resetting Your Samsung TV

But what do you do if there are no available updates and you continue experiencing Samsung volume bar problems? 

If nothing else worked, it’s time to try a factory reset. 

As before, go into Settings. Choose the General tab. This varies slightly depending on your model of Samsung TV. You should see an option labeled Reset. Click on it. 

Your TV will ask for your pin. Enter it. If you never chose a pin, the default issued by your Samsung TV is 0000.

Press ‘Reset.’ On some Samsung models, this may be called ‘Factory Data Reset.’ After you press this option, the TV asks you to confirm that you understand any data or information on the TV will be lost. Accept this and allow time for your TV to reset. 

It will automatically restart once the reset takes effect. You must then sign back into any accounts associated with streaming platforms or the App store. 

Samsung TV Run Out Of Memory

Another reason many people experience problems with a Samsung TV remote’s volume delay is that the TV ran out of memory. There are several ways to fix this and improve your volume control. 

Close Unwanted Application

When you experience problems with a Samsung TV remote because of limited memory, your first step should always be to close unnecessary or unwanted background apps. 

There are two ways of doing this, but one involves understanding how to navigate something called Application API. 

For the layperson, the easiest way to close unwanted apps is by repeatedly pressing Return/Exit on your Samsung Remote. Doing this for every background app allows you to free up some memory space. 

Note that if you have multiple apps running, you will need to do this several times. Remember to hold down the Return/Exit key for several seconds so that the command takes effect. 

Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]
Problems With Samsung TV Universal Remote

Samsung TV Remote Delayed Volume Response

But sometimes, clearing the TV’s memory isn’t enough to fix your problem with your Samsung TV remote’s delayed volume. 

The most effective way to combat this is by resetting your Samsung remote. Here’s how to do that. 

Reset The Samsung TV Remote

First, remove the remote’s batteries. 

When done, press and hold the power button for at least eight seconds. Now, reinsert the batteries and try switching the television on. To confirm the problem is resolved, try experimenting with the volume level. 

Consult the manual if you aren’t sure how to adjust the volume on your Samsung TV or experience difficulty accessing the battery cavity. 

Fixing An Unresponsive Remote Control

If you continue experiencing problems with your Samsung TV remote and delayed volume, it may be because the remote is unresponsive. 

Here is what you can do to fix an unresponsive TV remote. 

Replace Old Batteries

First, try replacing the batteries. You may need to consult the manual to find the easiest way to access the battery cavity. 

With that done, install new batteries, and ensure they are in the correct positions. Also double-check they slot completely into the appropriate contact points. Otherwise, your remote will remain unresponsive. 

Sync the Remote With Samsung TV

Maybe your batteries are newly installed, and your remote is still unresponsive. In that case, try syncing the remote with your Samsung TV. 

To do this, point your remote at the remote sensor. This is a blinking red light, usually on the right-hand corner of the television. While doing this, simultaneously press and hold the Return/Exit and Play/Pause buttons. 

You must do this for a minimum of three seconds or until your television confirms the remote is synced. 

Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed [Easy Fixes]
Problems With Samsung TV Remote Volume Delayed

Test the Remote With Devices

If you have recently synced the remote but still experience problems with your Samsung TV remote and delayed volume, the problem may not be with the remote. It could be the TV. 

To see if that’s the case, try syncing your remote to other devices, like:

  • Roku
  • DVD player 
  • Video Game consoles 

If the remote successfully interacts with these other devices, then the unresponsiveness is coming from somewhere besides the remote. How you pair a remote with these devices varies based on what they are, so refer to the appropriate user manual for further guidance. 


Problems with a Samsung TV remote’s volume being delayed are invariably frustrating. Luckily there are several ways to fix the problem without needing a crash course in technology. 

Remember to always start with easy solutions like changing the batteries. And if nothing works, attempt a factory reset as a last resort. 

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung TV remote volume control and the fixes in this article haven’t helped, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to help and happy to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Still have questions about problems caused by a Samsung TV remote and delayed volume? Here are other frequently asked questions. 

How do I change the volume on a Samsung TV without the remote?

If you can’t make the volume control on a Samsung TV remote work, you can try adjusting the volume manually. 

Depending on the television, how you do this varies. If your Samsung TV has five buttons, you must press the central button to access the options menu. Then use the buttons with arrows to increase or decrease the volume as appropriate. Pressing the center button again sets your volume.
However, if the buttons are on the back of the TV, start by pressing the power button to turn the tv off. Now press the center button. Then use the buttons above and below the center button to set an appropriate volume.

Why won’t my remote change the TV volume?

Problems with a Samsung TV remote’s volume can be caused by several things, including: 

– Weak signal
– Dead batteries 
– Buildup of data/apps in use 
– Blocked signal tower 

How do I turn down the volume on a Samsung TV without a remote?

How you turn the volume down on a Samsung with no remote varies depending on the television. 

Usually, you need to locate the center button. It should be either on the front or back of the TV. Press and hold the center button. Release it after three seconds and use the buttons on either side of it to lower the volume on your Samsung TV without a remote. 

How do you reset a Samsung Smart TV to factory settings without the Remote?

Unplug your tv from the wall. Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons. While doing this, ensure someone reconnects the TV to a power source. 

When the reset screen appears, use the buttons on your TV to navigate it and prompt a factory reset.

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