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Is Pandora not working on Samsung smart TV? Find solutions here

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pandora not working on samsung smart tv

Is Pandora not working on Samsung smart TV? Find solutions here

Music streaming apps like Pandora are among the top-rated. As a result, many Samsung TV owners use it spontaneously. If you’re an avid Pandora user, you might wonder why or how the app stopped working on your Samsung smart TV. If you’re unsure what to do, don’t worry, you’ve found the right place! In this article, we’ll look at why Pandora is not working on Samsung smart TV and what you can do to solve the problem.

Can I listen to Pandora on my smart TV?

Yes. You have several options for listening to Pandora on your TV set. 

Some smart TVs provide a connection to the internet using a specialized web browser, which enables users to manually enter the address of the website they wish to visit. You can also use a web browser, which is available on several gaming consoles, including the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii. 

You may utilize a specialized Pandora app; if you get your TV services through DIRECTV, Dish Network, or Verizon FiOS TV, you may utilize a specialized Pandora app. This is available to customers of all of these providers. You may be required to use the most recent model of the receiver and install the application by navigating the on-screen options if this is the case. You may use the same information from your current Pandora account to sign in to the dedicated app.

Pandora is compatible with several Blu-ray player types, but to use it, you must ensure that your player is linked to the Internet. Several Blu-ray manufacturers, including Samsung, support Pandora. Pandora should be able to run on any model capable of running Internet applications; nevertheless, you should check the individual model specifics before making a purchase.

Pandora can be pre-installed on some smart TVs, while others give you the option. First, however, remember that your TV has to connect to the internet to function correctly. This may be accomplished by connecting an Ethernet cable from your TV to your router, or it can be done wirelessly, which may require an extra adapter.

If you have an iOS device like an iPad or an Apple TV, you can use the AirPlay service to connect your iOS device to a TV set.  Whether you have the app open as the current window on your iOS device or not, this button will be shown to the right of the music player.

How to Fix Pandora App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV?

Music is an integral part of many peoples’ lives, and when the Pandora app doesn’t work, it can be frustrating. Here are some tips to fix Pandora on Samsung smart TVs.

Solution 1: Reboot Your Device

There may be a problem with the program or system preventing you from using the Pandora app. Restarting the device will fix these problems and any other faults that may have occurred. The following are the steps to restart your Samsung Smart TV:

1. Cold Reboot

This technique does not entirely turn off the Samsung TV. Instead, it’s just a regular restart, yet it has been successful many times.

  1. Keep the power button on your TV remote’s active position until the display goes dark.
  2. Give it a minute or two more.
  3. At this point, keep pressing the power button as long as the Samsung logo appears.
  4. Launch the app and check to see if the issue has been resolved.

2. Hard Boot

Unlike the cold boot technique, this technique completely powers down your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Keep the power button on your TV remote’s active position until the display goes dark.
  2. After removing the power cord from the main switch, wait a few minutes before continuing.
  3. Connect the power wire to the primary switch once again.
  4. Make sure the TV is on.
  5. Launch Pandora to check whether the problem persists after the hard reboot.
: Update TV Software

Solution 2: Update TV Software

Your smart TV needs to be updated to resolve the issue you’re having with this app. Follow these steps to update your Samsung TV:

  1. First, hit the button labeled “Home” on the remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Software Update from the menu under Support.
  4. Simply select the “Update Now” option. Your Samsung TV will check for available updates automatically. If an updated version is available, you should download it, install it, and restart the device.

Solution 3: Uninstall and ReInstall Pandora

If Pandora is still inoperable on your smart TV, there is most likely an issue with the files that contain the Pandora software on your TV. First, you must delete the program and then reinstall it to repair the problem. After that, you should restart your smart TV and open Pandora app again.

Solution 4: Check the Internet Connection

Check that the internet connection is stable if the Pandora app frequently freezes or does not play music. Then, conduct a speed test using several tools, such as, and examine the results.

If you are experiencing sluggish internet or an unreliable connection, try restarting the router. To achieve this, navigate to the router’s settings page and select the Reboot option from the menu. Alternatively, you may unhook the power cord, wait a minute, and then re-plug it into the wall socket. After you have restarted the router, connect your TV to the Wi-Fi network and check whether you can play music from Pandora.

Solution 5: Clear Cache and Clear Data of pandora App 

  1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Simply scroll down to locate the Pandora app.
  4. Select Storage
  5. Hit Clear Data.
Clear Cache and Clear Data of pandora App

Pandora is not playing on both 4K TVs

You might give manually updating the DNS setting to a shot; this might also assist with connectivity issues. However, the route your Internet service provider (ISP) may be taking to link the TV to the Pandora servers causes the problem.

Here are the actions you need to do to change your DNS settings:

1. First, on the TV remote, hit the “Home” button, and then use the arrow buttons to find the “Settings” option.

2. First, pick the Network, then select the Network Status.

3. After making your selection, press the Enter button.

4. Navigate to the DNS configuration option, and then choose Enter manually from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter into the area designated for DNS input.

6. The settings should be saved before you go.

No sound on the Pandora app on TV 

After unplugging your TV for one minute, reconnect it afterward. If you restart Pandora, the application will be relaunched, and you will regain volume control.

Pandora appears to be playing, though the play bar under the album icon does not register any movement

Pandora appears to be playing, though the play bar under the album icon does not register any movement

The issue can be resolved after the history and cookies are deleted from Pandora. Tod to this:

  1. Tap on the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser, located to the left of your address bar.
  2. Choose the More Tools button, then press the Clear Browsing Data button.
  3. Choose “All time” for the time range on the screen, and then click on Clear Data.
  4. So, if you were trying to get back on Pandora, you may want to restart your browser.

If Pandora is not working on your Samsung smart TV, now you know what to do. You won’t have to go without music anymore. If you want to use the app without hassle, ensure your internet connection is fast, and your TV is up-to-date. Restart your Samsung Smart TV if necessary.


Is Pandora compatible with Samsung Smart TV?

You must know that the Pandora app may not support certain newer smart TVs. This is because some smart TVs are not equipped with the Adobe Flash technology required to utilize the Pandora website. You may get around this issue by installing the most recent version of Adobe Flash on your device through a browser extension. Also, check to see what settings your device has.

Why does my Pandora keep stopping on my smart TV?

Check to see if a new update is available for your device so you can make sure it has the most recent firmware. To accomplish this, hit the Menu button on your remote control and then scroll down to Support. After that, pick the option to Update Software. Once the update is completed, try loading Pandora once again. 

The next thing you should do is remove the Pandora app from your Samsung TV and then reinstall it from the app store. If you have the ability on your device to connect directly through an Ethernet wire rather than via Wi-Fi, give that a shot and see if that makes a difference. You should restart the device and your modem and router before continuing.

How do I reset my Pandora?

-Launch the Pandora mobile app.
-Simply locate the sign-in forms and look for the option “Forgot Password.” Click on that link.
-Enter your email address when you first signed up for Pandora.
-After getting the email with the reset password instructions, follow all the steps precisely as they are written.
-It might take a little time for you to receive this email. Look in your spam and junk mail bins if you haven’t seen them.

Why does Pandora keep stopping after every song?

It’s possible that the battery-saving option is to blame for your Pandora app interrupting music at random intervals. On an iOS device, navigate to “Settings” > “Battery” and turn off the “Low Power Mode” option. This will turn off the power-saving mode. To change the battery settings on an Android device, navigate to “Settings” > “Device Maintenance” > “Battery.”

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